How to Lose Breast Fat Fast

While a large bust traditionally is viewed as a symbol of feminine beauty, women who must carry them 24/7 often don't find them as attractive. Extra breast fat causes premature sagging and back pain. It also has negative effects on your posture. Learn how to lose your breast fat fast. Change your diet and exercise or speak with your doctor about the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery.

Step 1
Consume a diet low in sugar and calories to lose breast fat. As with any other weight loss venture, getting rid of fat requires a nutrient-dense diet of lean meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid fancy coffees, sodas, pastries, cakes and processed foods, which add unnecessary calories to your diet. Eat smaller portions throughout the day to boost your metabolism and prevent overeating.

Step 2
Use aerobic exercises to burn fat. While you can't spot reduce the fat on your chest, losing weight throughout your body also reduces the size of your breasts. Perform exercises that won't hurt your breasts while you're working out, such as rowing, elliptical training, cross country skiing and swimming. If you enjoy such activities as running, walking, dancing or jumping rope, wear a fitted sports bra to avoid chest pain. Schedule at least five 45-minute sessions of cardio a week.

Step 3
Use chest strengthening exercises to tone and lift your breasts. Push-ups and chest presses are classic exercises that target your pectoral muscles. To do a push up, lie face down on the floor. Rest your body weight on your hands and feet. Gently dip to the floor as low as you comfortably can and push up to starting position. Keep your back straight throughout the exercise. Do three sets of 20 reps. For chest presses, grab two barbells and lie down on a bench. Extend your arms above your chest with the ends of the barbells touching. Lower your arms until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Push the barbells up to return to your original position. Do three sets of 20 reps.

Step 4
Consult with your doctor about breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammaplasty, for the quickest method to get rid of breast fat. This type of surgery can help alleviate your discomfort, improve your self-confidence and permit more participation in physical activities. Your doctor may refer you to a plastic surgeon, who can explain the risks and benefits, as well as what you can expect from this type of surgery. Your plastic surgeon can help you determine the surgery's cost and the recovery time you'll need after the procedure.