Combine Celery and Lemon To Burn Fat Effectively

Make this simple drink that will help you remove fat deposits from your organism. It will be especially beneficial to your body after you’ve consumed a heavy meal or whenever you’re on a weight loss diet.

You’ll need only two ingredients, which you surely have in your pantry already:
• 400 g celery (roots)
• 1 kg lemons
• 2 l of water

Shred the celery roots and add them to a basin with 2 liters of water. Add some lemon zest to this mixture.

Boil for about 20 minutes and then allow the mixture to cool for 5-6 hours.
Squeeze the juice of 1 kilogram of lemons and add it to the previous mixture. Strain the liquid and pour itinto glass bottles.

Consume this drink three times a day, before meals. Drink about 1 dl of it and you can also dilute it with some water if it’s too strong for you. Keep the drink in the fridge.

A celery stick is actually made up of 75 % water and 25% of fiber and other roughage. Celery is an excellent source of fiber that can help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, reducing the urge to snack.

Lemons improve digestion and detoxification by stimulating the production of stomach acid.
You’ll notice great results only after a week!