What Foods Make People Fat?

Each person has a different metabolism rate. Some people need to watch their calories just a little more than others because some people have slower body metabolisms. Whether you have a relatively slow metabolism or not, you still should watch your fat intake to prevent heart disease, the American Diabetes Association reports. While most foods eaten in moderation do not cause obesity, some foods make it far easier to become -- and stay -- fat.

Pastries and Candy

Pastries and candy are loaded with sugar, calories and trans fat. Trans fat is fat that lingers in the arteries and blood vessels because it takes more time for your body to metabolize it. The sugar found in cookies and candy goes directly into the bloodstream. Your body breaks down some of it for use, but some of it stays in your body and can turn into fat.

Fatty Meats

Steaks, hamburger and sausage meats can contain high levels of fat, calories and cholesterol. It depends on the fat content of the meat. Cheaper cuts of steak or hamburger tend to have higher levels of fat. It takes more time to break down such fat, which causes your body to store some of it. This can add more body fat to your body.

Cheese and Whole Milk

Consuming large amounts of dairy products such as cheese and milk can cause your body fat to increase. Cheese and milk have large amounts of saturated fat, the American Diabetes Association reports. A couple of small servings during the day are enough for you as an adult. Cheese and milk also contain large amounts of calories.

Fried Foods

Chicken fried in a pan coated with egg and flour will increase the body fat, notes Medline Plus. This type food is very high in calories and saturated fats. This chicken fried in vegetable oil layers your body in fat. The greasy chicken stays with you as your body accumulates more fat deposits on the belly and wherever hereditary blueprints dictate. French fries and virtually any food friend in grease contain large amounts of fat and calories.

Bread and Potatoes

Bread and particularly mashed potatoes have calories and saturated fat in great quantities, American Diabetes Association reports. After the food breaks down to sugar, the sugar in turn creates more body fat. These types of foods slow down the body’s metabolism, preventing it from burning up calories quickly. Fried dough is another culprit containing trans fat as it is fried in oil and has powdered sugar coating it.