How to Lose Neck and Face Fat

The excess weight around your face and neck may be due to an accumulation of fatty deposits around the chin area and neck. Causes may include general obesity, water retention or aging. A cosmetic surgeon can remove facial fat by performing liposuction, but many people cannot afford—or would prefer not—to "go under the knife." Less intrusive methods are available to help reduce fatty deposits in the neck and face.

Drink More Water

If you are not drinking at least 64 oz. of water daily, you may be experiencing water retention which will make facial fat appear worse. When your water intake is inadequate, your body holds on to every ounce it has in reaction to a perceived shortage; this causes bloating in the face, hands, feet and ankles. According to a study cited by the "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism," your body will burn up to 400 kilojoules more daily if you drink around four pints of water a day. This is equal to 95 calories a day. Remember, when you loose weight you will loose weight all over, so reducing weight in general will also help diminish face and neck fat.


Dietary and lifestyle changes can help reduce facial fat. Eat less salt: if you add salt to your food or eat processed foods you are more likely to be bloated. The body holds on to water when you eat salty foods in an attempt to dilute potentially dangerous levels of sodium in the blood. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables—they're rich in vitamins, have a high water content and contain plenty of dietary fiber. Fiber attracts water, but it is not absorbed into the bloodstream from the digestive system. Your body uses fiber as part of the digestive process and helps remove water and cholesterol from the body. Fiber will also keep you feeling full and help prevent unhealthy binging.

Neck Exercise

According to Louise Annette, creator of "Ageless if You Dare," a slim neck can be achieved by an exercise targeted at strengthening the platysma muscle which
runs from the tip of the chin to the chest. To find this muscle, grip a vertical piece of flesh on each side of the windpipe, and pull it away from the neck. Lean your head back, while opening your mouth slightly. Tense the jaw and jut it forward; you will feel the neck flesh moving from your grip. Hold this tension in your neck for a few seconds and repeat 20 times.

Cheeks Exercise

According to Annette's "Ageless if You Dare," you can slim down the entire face by working on slimming the cheeks. Place your thumbs at the back of the most fleshy part of each cheek under the cheekbones. Using your fingertips, or the side of your fingers, grasp as much flesh as you can. Pull the flesh away from the face; then use your cheek muscles to draw it back in. Repeat 20 times, each time imagining you are crushing a piece of fruit with your cheeks.

Chin Exercise

Super Beauty Tips recommends an exercise to slim down the underside of the chin. Begin by tilting your head back and looking at the sky or ceiling. Perform a chewing motion. Repeat for around 20 chews; you will feel the muscles underneath the chin working.