Yoga for Flabby Arms

Tight, strong arms are the object of envy for many. But when you don't burn all of the calories you take in, your body keeps the leftover ones in lipocytes, which are fat cells. One of the areas where you're likely to see the fat develop is on the underside of the upper arm where the triceps muscles are located. Nonetheless, it's possible for you to achieve strong arms without the flab through yoga and some lifestyle changes.

Misconception: Spot Reduction

Your goal is to home in on your underarm flab. However, the American Council on Exercise website explains that you cannot burn fat from a certain spot; instead, you must perform aerobic exercise and strength training and practice a healthy diet to reduce fat throughout the body. This will reduce fat in the arms while reducing it everywhere else as well. Some yoga classes can provide aerobic exercise when they flow from pose to pose, and most yoga classes include strength training.

Beginner's Strengthening Yoga Poses

Although you can’t target fat in the underarms, you can strengthen and tone the muscles there, which will have an effect on the appearance. Certain arm balancing poses target the triceps. Beginners can try Plank pose, which is the upward position of a pushup, with your weight on your palms and your toes, your wrists under your shoulders and your body in a straight line. Hold the pose for 30 seconds to start, but work up to one minute. Other poses that strengthen the triceps are Dolphin Plank, Upward Plank, Side Plank, Staff, Extended Side Angle and Four-Footed Tabletop.

Intermediate and Advanced Poses

Many arm balancing poses are not for beginners because you need to build strength to have the proper form and prevent injury. Intermediate level poses that tone the triceps include Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog, Four-Limbed Stick, Upward Bow and Wheel. If you are at an advanced level, you can try poses like Downward Facing Tree and Peacock.

Yoga Styles

If you use yoga to fight flabby arms, keep in mind that different types of yoga classes have different goals. For example, styles like Restorative yoga and meditative Ananda yoga -- as well as Hatha yoga classes -- often include a slow pace, gentle poses and meditative exercises. You are not likely to burn as many calories and shed as much fat in those classes as in Power yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Bikram yoga, which focus more on exercise and strengthening.