10 Common Mistakes When We Are On a Diet

Where do we make a mistake?

You are on a diet already quite a while, but there is still no results? Your favorite clothes still stand in the closet because they are still tight? So, probably unconsciously you still do one of the following mistakes and thus sabotage your diet.

You practice a fast diet, with too little calorie intake through the day.

Ask yourself, did you take too little calories. Maybe even less than 1000 calories a day? In this case, it reduces the speed at which our metabolism works. The results at the end of the diet will be; slower metabolism and your body will gain weight much faster that previously.

You skip your breakfast.

It may look like a great way to cut your daily calorie intake, but the main result can be unbearable hunger throughout the day. It can induce eating a larger amount of food for lunch. Breakfast that is rich in protein and fiber reduces hunger throughout the day.Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast every morning are more likely to maintain their weight.

Don’t take care for your snacks.

You look tidy of the main meals, but you forget the food that you consume between meals? Be careful what you eat between meals and take care what kind of foods are they.

Don’t eat between meals.

Careless eating snacks may condemn to failure the results from your diet while careful eating snacks between meals has the opposite effect. It allows you to handle with the hunger much better, also, stimulates your metabolism to work much faster. A smart choice for a snack is food rich in proteins and essential fatty acids, such as nuts(walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.).

Eating low-fat foods.

Low-fat foods are a good choice for your diet, but you should remember that even though, low-fat foods may be rich in sugars and calories. When you choose food, at first, is best to read the nutritional values of each product.

 You are drinking too many calories.

One of the most overlooked things are calories from different drinks such as sweetened beverages, alcohol, coffee with various sweets, etc. You should be careful because these drinks are rich in calories and do not affect satiety.

You don’t drink enough water.

Water is a must if you want to burn those extra calories. If you are not hydrated enough, your metabolism will run slower, and that means reduced weight loss. You should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water or a glass of water before and after every meal.

Measuring weight every day.

The results are confusing and frustrating and certainly do not influence positively on you. Don’t expect to see results on a daily basis. You should set a purpose: if you want to lose 2 pounds per week, then you should measure your weight at the end of the week. That is the only way to know how it goes, and when you see that you have lost 2 pounds, you will be more motivated to continue at the same pace.

You set unrealistic goals.

Set achievable goals. For successful diet, it is necessary to have realistic goals and in the end you will be more satisfied with the results. If you are not sure what is your goal it is the best to consult with a nutritionist.

Avoid physical activity.

Find an exercise or sport that you enjoy.Therefore, the whole burden will not fall on the nutrition. If you exercise, you can eat more of your favorite foods and still lose weight.