How Women Reduce Back Fat With No Equipment

Back fat is unsightly, but it does not have the same potential to raise disease risk as stomach fat. However, it can still make you feel self-conscious, especially when wearing a bikini or revealing top. Being that you do not have equipment, you need to rely heavily on dietary changes to make your back thinner. Exercise is still beneficial to the game plan, provided you use creativity and have discipline.

Step 1
Lower your caloric intake to lose back fat. Being that you cannot spot reduce individual areas, you have to lose weight through your entire body. Reduce your daily intake by 500 to 1,000 calories and you will lose about 1 to 2 lbs. a week. Determine your starting daily average intake by tracking your calories for five days, adding the totals and dividing by 5.

Step 2
Change your unhealthy eating habits. Give up white flour products, candy bars, pastries and any other foods that are processed or high in saturated fat and simple sugar. Stick with fiber-rich foods that make you feel full longer. Include foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, whole grains and low-fat dairy products.

Step 3
Sip water through the course of the day instead of lattes with whipped cream, soda and any other calorie-containing beverage. A regular 12-oz. can of soda has about 150 calories. Disregarding the calories found in beverages will slow down your progress to rid yourself of back fat. Choose water as your main beverage because it is calorie-free. Water also helps flush toxins from your system and hydrates your body.

Step 4
Step outside to go for an interval run. Running requires no equipment and doing it interval style boosts your fat-burning efforts. Start with a light jog for 5 minutes, then run as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Reduce your speed to a light jog for 60 seconds, then run fast again. Alternate back and forth for 30 minutes and finish with a light 5-minute jog to cool down. Work out three days a week on alternating days.

Step 5
Execute a bodyweight workout that targets your back and as many of your major muscles as possible. Adding muscle will boost your resting metabolic rate and promote faster weight loss around the clock. Doing back exercises will give your back a leaner look as you lose weight. Perform exercises like push-ups with leg raises, reverse push-ups, squats, lunges, bicycle crunches, bird dogs and supermans. Aim for 12 to 15 reps, do four or five sets and work out on three noncardio days a week.

Step 6
Use proper form with your bodyweight exercises to insure you achieve positive results. For bird dogs, assume an all-fours position with your knees directly under your hips and hands right beneath your shoulders. Rise your right arm and left leg simultaneously and form a straight line from your hand to your heel. Hold for a second, lower your limbs and repeat on your other side. Lower your limbs and continue to alternate back and forth in a controlled motion.

To do supermans, lie face-down on the floor with your arms extended in front of you and legs together. Raise your arms and legs at the same time and balance on your lower stomach and pelvis. Hold for a second, slowly lower yourself back down and repeat.


Check with your health-care provider before beginning an exercise program for the first time or if you have been away from fitness programs for a while, or if you have any chronic health issues.