Green Tea With Orange For Instant Slimming

In addition, it also possesses features that raise the body temperature and thus speeds up the metabolism.

Green tea provides a feeling of fullness, making it effective in the fight against excess weight.

Green tea can be enriched with various ingredients, but the best solution for weight loss is its combination with orange.

This drink was celebrated by the famous Dr. Oz who constantly emphasizes that one cup of tea a day accelerates our metabolism by 12%, regulates blood sugar and strengthens immunity.

Many of us do not find the green tea delicious, so the addition of orange or grapefruit will make you start loving it.

Ingredients for this drink for weight loss:

  •  1L water
  •  5 bags of green tea
  •  1 orange
  • Fresh mint


Put the tea bags in a liter of boiling water and leave them only 3 minutes. Wash the oranges and cut them into circles. Add the mint leaves and leave the prepared tea in the refrigerator overnight.

This amount is enough for two people during the next day. If you prepare tea only for you, use half of the given amounts of the ingredients.