What Is the Quickest Way to Lose Weight on Your Legs & Butt?

While some people have trouble losing extra weight on their stomach, others view their lower body as trouble spots. Though it may not be as medically dangerous as belly fat, carrying around extra weight on your legs and bum can make wearing a swimsuit or shorts uncomfortable. Losing weight from this area of your body takes a solid eating plan and plenty of cardiovascular and strength training exercise. However, the effort you put into it can lead to many happy days on the beach.

Step 1
Eliminate foods that contain sugar, white flour and saturated and trans fats. These foods, such as pizza, French fries and ice cream, will show up as fat right on your thighs and butt.

Step 2
Replace the unhealthy foods with whole, real nutritious foods, such as fresh fruits, garden vegetables and whole-grain complex carbohydrates. For example, snack on apples, pears, oranges, carrot sticks, bell peppers and fresh whole-wheat breads.

Step 3
Eat lean protein at every meal. Protein is needed regularly throughout the day by your body and will help it to stay energized, build muscle and promote a strong immune system. Try egg whites, chicken, turkey, fresh fish and low-fat dairy products, like yogurt, cheese and milk.

Step 1
Run three times per week to burn off the fat on your thighs and bum. Running at the pace of a 10-minute mile can burn approximately 300 to 444 calories in a half-hour, depending on your weight and height, according to Harvard Health Publications. Running will also specifically tone and strengthen your thighs and butt.

Step 2
Attend an indoor cycling class. Indoor cycling can burn over 800 calories in a 60-minute session, which will greatly help to quickly drop fat from your thighs and butt. Additionally, indoor cycling focuses on the lower body muscle groups, including your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves.

Step 3
Jump rope to slim down your thighs and bum. Jumping rope can burn 135 calories in just 10 minutes, and similar to running and indoor cycling, it will help to sculpt and tone your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Step 1
Strengthen and tone your thigh and butt muscles, to help them appear slimmer, by performing three sets of the plie squat with lifted heels. This exercise will hit all of the muscles in your lower body.

Step 2
Stand with your feet approximately two-feet apart, and in a parallel line to each other. Have your feet turned out to a 45-degree angle; making sure that your hip, knee and ankle are in one line.

Step 3
Lift your heels off of the floor and bend your knees and lower into a squat, stopping when your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure your torso is as upright as possible, though you may be slightly leaning forward. Your hands may be extended out to the sides or on your hips.

Step 4
Push through your toes to return to starting position, keeping your heels lifted the entire time. Complete three sets of 12 squats.


Consult your doctor prior to beginning a new or more intense exercise program.


Change the intensity, frequency or duration of your workouts every four weeks to continue to burn plenty of calories.

Things You'll Need

Lean protein
Complex Carbohydrates
Mono and polyunsaturated fats
Running shoes