The Advantages of Six-Pack Abs

Building "six-pack" abs isn't the easiest fitness challenge, but a combination of cardio, ab-strengthening exercises and the proper diet can give you results. Your six pack can become visible after prolonged dedication to exercises that strengthen your rectus abdominis muscles, including crunches, planks and the bicycle maneuver. Your six pack won't be visible unless you burn fat throughout your body, however; it's not possible to burn the fat solely over your abs. If you're able to lose your belly fat and tighten your midsection, you'll soon begin to experience a long list of benefits. These benefits can improve your physical and emotional quality of life.

Here's Looking at You

It's impossible to discount the visual benefits of having six-pack abs, whether you've carefully crafted your abs just to admire in your bathroom mirror or want to draw attention during a visit to the beach. It might sound slightly superficial, but strong abs can improve your self-image and increase your confidence. Strong abs can project that you have discipline and a dedication to fitness.

A Helping Hand in Daily Tasks

Having strong abs -- even when they're hidden beneath several layers of clothing -- benefits your life during a wide range of everyday tasks. Strength in this region of your body, notes Harvard Health Publications, helps you bend, turn, sit and stand with greater ease. Regardless of your age, occupation or hobbies, you perform these simple motions countless times daily. A six pack can help you execute these movements without pain.

Say Goodbye to Pain

The American Chiropractic Association reports that as many as 31 million Americans deal with pain in their low back on a regular basis and that half the American workforce contends with back pain at some point each year. Having strong, balanced abdominal muscles can alleviate pain in your low back, and many doctors recommend ab exercises as a treatment for back pain. Strong abs can also help you hold an upright posture, which can reduce the chance of back pain.

At Work and at Play

Whether you have a physically demanding job or just enjoy a hobby that requires plenty of strength, a six pack can help you perform these tasks with ease and without pain. If your job requires you to frequently bend, lift and carry heavy objects, core strength is helpful. Core strength can also help you increase your performance in such sports as swimming, kayaking and tennis.