Leg Scissor Exercises for Inner and Outer Thighs

Leg scissors thigh exercises are an excellent way to strengthen and tone the adductor and abductor muscles of the inner and outer thigh. All can be performed at home with no equipment, but each has variation options to increase the intensity of your workout as you progress. When combined with diet and cardiovascular exercises, leg scissor exercises can help you create a lean, long look for your thighs.

Side-Lying Adduction Scissors

Side-lying scissors target the adductor muscles in the upper inside of the thigh. Start by lying on your side on the floor, hips stacked, with your top hand on the floor for balance. Bend your top leg and place it flat on the floor behind the bottom leg, then slowly lift the bottom leg as high as you can while keeping your knee pointed forward. Pause at the top of the movement, then slowly return to start, but don’t allow the lifting leg to touch the floor. Repeat on both sides. Add ankle weights for a variation.

Seated Stability Ball Scissors

The stability ball can increase the intensity of a number of different exercises by engaging the core in addition to the muscles worked by the movement itself. The inner thigh, as well as surrounding ligaments and secondary muscles, are the focus of scissors performed with the stability ball. Start by sitting on the floor with legs straight in front of you, back straight and abdominals engaged. Place your feet on either side of the stability ball at its widest point, then flex your toes and squeeze the ball with your ankles for a 10-count. Release and repeat. Do pulse scissors, squeezing for a second or two in rapid succession, to create variation.

Inner Thigh Scissors

Inner thigh scissor exercises tone the flabby areas inside the thighs and are simple to perform with or without ankle weights. Start by lying down with one leg straight above your hips, knee slightly bent, and the other leg bent and planted. Slowly open your thighs so that the lifted leg is at an angle to your planted knee, then bring the lifted leg back to start just as slowly by contracting the inner thigh muscles. Repeat with the other leg. Add ankle weights to increase intensity.

Wall Inner Thigh Scissors

Wall inner thigh scissors also emphasize the upper and lower inner thigh muscles. This exercise begins when you lie on the floor, arms by your side and your buttocks pressed against a wall, and legs straight above you leaning against the floor. Slowly separate your thighs until you feel a stretch in the inner thighs, then contract the inner thigh muscles to pull the legs back together to the start position. For best results, take a four-count to open your thighs and a four-count to return them to the start position.