Gym Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

The best way to lose belly fat is through a combination of cardio exercise and strength training. While belly fat cannot be targeted specifically, it can be reduced when you start to lose overall body fat. Performing hundreds of crunches daily won't get you the flat belly you desire either. While abdominal exercises are vital for spine and core health, a flat belly can only be achieved when the excess body fat is lost.

Cardio Machines 

One of the best ways to lose excess body fat is through cardio exercise. Cardio exercise not only strengthens your heart, but it also burns calories and torches fat. Gyms offer several types of cardio machines, from treadmills and elliptical trainers to stationary bikes and rowing machines. All of these machines are good choices when it comes to burning excess body fat.

Interval Training

When you need a cardio workout that can blast calories but are a bit short on time, look no further than interval training. Interval training involves alternating short bursts of speed with longer periods of rest for a workout. This kind of training can be done on almost any cardio machine; all it requires is a change of pace. For example, instead of jogging at the same pace for an hour, alternate intervals of running and jogging for 30 minutes. Performing intervals allows you to get the same workout as a steady-paced cardio workout in half the time.

Strength Training

While strength training burns fewer calories per workout than cardio exercise does, strength training helps to build muscle in your body, which in turn speeds up your resting metabolism. This means your body will have a higher rate of calorie burn when you're doing nothing, so you can burn fat while you're sleeping or sitting on your couch watching TV. Strength training also helps to build and shape your body in a way that cardio exercise can't.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a combination of strength training and cardio exercise, which allows you to work on your aerobic fitness as well as build muscle at the same time. Made up of stations of exercises, most circuit-training workouts involve 10 to 15 repetitions of a strength-training exercise with around 30 seconds of rest time. Stations can also involve cardio exercises like jumping jacks and jump rope. Since you're constantly moving and resting very little during circuit training, your heart rate will remain high, causing your body to blast calories and fat.