Fast and Effective Diets for Extreme Weight Loss

Although many diets can help you lose weight fast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends sticking to a maximum amount of 2 lbs. of weight loss per week in order to ensure good health. At this rate, you can lose over 100 lbs. per year, which is a substantial amount of weight loss within a short period of time. Make sure to consult your doctor before beginning any extreme weight-loss program.

DASH Diet Plan

Although the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, or DASH, plan was originally designed by the American Heart Association as a way to help people reduce their blood pressure, it has also been shown to help people lose a substantial amount of weight as well. In fact, states that many DASH dieters experience as much as 10 to 35 lbs. of weight loss within a few months of starting the program. This healthy eating plan is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, or USDA, and branches of the National Institutes of Health.

This is a low-calorie, high-fiber diet plan that limits consumption of sweets, unhealthy fats and salt. The focus of this extreme weight-loss program is on eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, non-fat dairy, lean meats and nuts/seeds/legumes.

MyPyramid Program

The MyPyramid Plan was introduced by the USDA back in 2005 as the followup to the popular USDA Food Pyramid. This updated tool is a bit more comprehensive than the outdated Food Pyramid in that it is based on the latest research and studies on the topic of nutrition, and it allows you to get a customized weight-loss plan based upon your specific needs.

This free online tool asks for you age, gender, height, weight and daily physical activity level, and it will then determine the ideal weight-loss plan for you. It will show you exactly how many calories you should be consuming each day in order to lose weight at a healthy rate. The main food groups recommended by MyPyramid are nutritionally-dense choices, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy and lean protein sources.

Vegetarian Lifestyle

Vegetarianism is an ideal choice for those looking to lose an extreme amount of weight because it is a highly-nutritious lifestyle that is also typically low in calories due to the meatless aspect of the diet. Additionally, vegetarian diets have been recommended by many reputable health organizations, including the American Dietetic Association, USDA and American Heart Association.

The key to losing weight while following a vegetarian diet is to make sure you’re getting all of the essential nutrients required for good health. recommends paying special attention to your intake of calcium, zinc, iron, protein, vitamin B-12, vitamin D, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids. As long as you eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, vitamin-fortified cereals and soy products, whole grain foods and nuts/seeds/legumes, you should get all of the necessary nutrients from this diet. Consult your doctor or dietitian if you need help in planning out your vegetarian diet.