Dance Moves to Help You Lose Belly Fat

Dancing serves as a viable form of calorie-burning aerobic exercise, which can translate into a reduction in body fat. Note that because spot-reduction is a myth, there are no dance moves that will specifically help you lose just belly fat. However, by performing fast-paced, high-intensity dance moves and adhering to a reduced-calorie diet, you can create the calorie deficiency necessary to lose overall body fat including your stomach area.

Latin Dances

Latin dances, including Cha-Cha, Salsa, Rumba and Reggaeton, feature fast moves with a lot of quick footwork. The intense or quick dance moves in Latin dance equates to higher caloric burn. A 150-pound person will burn roughly 500 calories an hour performing Latin dances, comparable to calories burned while jogging, according to the American Council on Exercise. Consider trying hip rolls, cha-chas, multi-directional footwork, and up-and-down shoulder movements to blast calories. Get your doctor’s approval before you take up vigorous dancing and see a dance instructor to learn proper form.

Hip-Hop Moves

Hip-hop dance features quick movements with moderate impact set to modern hip-hop music. Practicing fast hip-hop moves can burn roughly 446 calories per hour for a 155-pound person, according Harvard Medical School. This aggressive, energetic form of dance involves moves such as popping, locking and breaking, as well as hopping, shoulder shrugs, hip isolations, and quick turns. Rather than specific, choreographed moves, hip-hop dance centers on freestyle moves and self-expression. You can easily stylize and modify the moves to suit your needs and preferences, regardless of fitness level or dance background.

Belly Dancing

Belling dancing burns roughly 300 calories per hour, but you can burn additional calories by increasing the intensity at which you perform the moves, according to Troupe Shabaana, Ohio-based belly dance performing group. Make larger twisting movements, consciously contract your abdominals and put additional effort forth while practicing the dance moves for increased fat-burning potential. Belly dance moves, such as hips rolls and figure eights, also target the abdominal and lower back muscles in the core. Strengthening your midsection through belly dancing and other forms of exercise can help shape the abdominals and reduce risk of back injury.

Additional Benefits of Dance

Perform dance moves regularly to reap additional psychological and physical benefits. In addition to fat loss and weight management, dancing offers several advantages including improved muscle tone, better coordination, increased flexibility, improved aerobic conditioning and reduced susceptibility to diseases such as osteoporosis and heart disease, according to the Better Health Channel. Dance might provide mental, emotional and psychological benefits as well, such as improved mental functioning, increased self-confidence, and heightened psychological well-being, BHC reports.