Woman Stomach Muscle Exercises

The abdominal area easily accumulates fat and is often considered a trouble spot for women. In order get the stomach lean and display abdominal musculature, heed a healthy diet and rigorous exercise program. Stomach muscle exercises target the abdominal region and give the muscles definition. Women can perform most of these exercises in any location without the use of equipment. A good exercise regimen will include stomach muscle exercises that target various regions of the midsection, including the upper abs, lower abs and obliques.

Upper Abdominal Exercises

Excess abdominal fat increases your risk for disease. Women with a waist circumference greater than 35 inches are at a higher risk for diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. Reduce fat and strengthen the entire midsection area with abdominal exercises. Address the upper abs by performing a few stomach muscle exercises that target the upper abdominal region.

One such exercise is the butterfly crunch. Lay supine and bend the knees. Keep the heels touching each other, and let the knees drop to the side. Place hands behind the head or crossed over the chest. Crunch up, and raise the upper body from the floor. The shoulder blades should come off the ground with each repetition.

Lower Abdominal Exercises

Many women store excess body fat in the lower abdominal region. Strengthen this area by using exercises that emphasis the lower abs. The heels-to-the-ceiling exercise effectively works the lower abs.

To properly execute this move, lay supine and place hands on the floor next to the body for support. Extend legs straight up, with heels parallel to the ceiling. Using only the lower abdominals, lift heels upward, raising the hips off the ground. Do not use momentum and focus on crunching at the top of each repetition.

Oblique Exercises

A moderate exercise program reduces visceral and abdominal fat, according to a 2005 study in "The Journal of Applied Physiology." Incorporate abdominal exercises to strengthen the core and complement a well-balanced exercise program, which will combat fat accumulation. Women should perform oblique exercises in addition to upper and lower ab movements.

The oblique muscles are situated on the sides of the abdominal region and are targeted with exercises that twist the trunk. A simple, but effectual exercise is the standing trunk rotation. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width, with knees slightly bent.

Place a broomstick or a weighted barbell behind the head and hold securely in place. Twist from side to side, keeping the abs tight and the hips facing forward throughout the entire exercise. Focus the attention on contracting the abdominal muscles to ensure maximum effectiveness.