Will Push Ups Get Rid of Man Boobs?

A number of factors cause man boobs, or gynecomastia. It may simply be a lifestyle issue, involving lengthy periods of inactivity combined with a diet full of saturated fats and sugars. Alternatively, man boobs can develop due to hormonal imbalances caused by either natural effects or medications, notes the National Institutes of Health. In an effort to rid yourself of your man boobs, start a workout routine that includes cardio and weight-bearing exercises like pushups.


Several variations of the pushup work different sections of the pectoral muscles. Besides regular pushups, there are decline pushups, which work the upper pectoral area, and inclines, which work the lower half. By performing these exercises, you will help bulk and tone the pectoral muscles, along with your shoulders and arms. This will give you somewhat of a "breast lift" and improve the appearance of your man boobs.

Muscle Burns Fat

Building more muscle mass in your body speeds up your metabolism and makes it burn fat quicker. Muscle burns fat due the fact that it uses more calories for energy than other tissues do. So a by-product of the pushup and subsequent muscle gain is that they will also help burn off some of that man boob fat.

Still Got Boobs Though

Unfortunately, pushups and weight training exercises in general won't shed those man boobs. Much like you can have toned abs hidden by a layer of belly fat, you can build your pectoral muscles but still have man boobs. You must lose the fat -- which is possible by following a combination of dedicated, consistent dieting and a challenging cardio exercise routine.

The Plan

Running at a pace of 8 mph for one hour daily is an effective calorie-burning cardio exercise to help you shed those man boobs quickly. Combine this with a healthy diet made up of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, low-fat dairy, fresh fish and lean meat. Eat little and often, breaking your meals into small portions and eating every two to three hours to prevent excess calories from being stored as fat.