Waist Twist Workout

Twisting the waist works your oblique muscles to strengthen the side muscles of the abs. Twisting your waist won't burn off love handles. Performing exercises to work the muscles of a particular area of your body never causes you to lose weight only in that spot. That is known as the spot-reduction myth. A workout full of twisting moves does give you a stronger core. Choose two to four exercises depending on your fitness level and work up to three sets of eight repetitions per side.

Standing Barbell Twist

You can do twisting exercises standing up to work your obliques while also using your muscles to support correct posture. Your core muscles stabilize your trunk when you stand up and move. The standing barbell twist targets your waist while twisting side to side as you control a barbell. To begin, hold a barbell vertically in front of you with one end on the ground and your hands holding the top end with your arms straight. Twist left to right while keeping the bottom of the barbell in contact with the floor. The closer your legs are together, the harder the exercise.

Seated Oblique Barbell Twists

The seated oblique barbell twists targets the obliques. This still works the muscles of the abs and back to help support the spine as you sit up tall, but is easier than standing because you take your lower body out of the equation. To perform a seated oblique barbell twist, hold the bar across your shoulders as you sit on a bench with your feet on the floor. Then, twist from side to side as you maintain a straight spine.

Stability Ball Twisting Crunch

Twisting exercises do not require weight. The barbell is necessary for resistance when in an upright position because your body doesn't move against gravity. The stability ball twisting crunch uses your body weight lifting up against gravity to strengthen the obliques. To begin, lie on a stability ball with your feet on the floor and your hands behind your head. Then, lift your upper torso toward the ceiling and twist left. Lie back on the ball before crunching up to the right.

Windshield Wipers

Twisting exercises are not exclusively for the upper body. Twisting the legs as during the windshield wipers exercise also targets the obliques. To begin, lie on your back with your arms out like a T and your legs straight toward the ceiling. Then, twist to the right by lowering your legs as close as possible toward the floor before bringing them back to the left. Slower movements are harder for your abs.