Remarkable Pre-Cooling Technique That Helps You Lose Weight Effortlessly

Everybody does wish to lose weight and get a perfect and desired shape. We all know that after having put on some weight during winter, one would always want to lose weight and get fit during summer. But it is imaginable as to how difficult it can be training in the summer sun.  Even though one may have been praying for it for the last 6 to 8 months, heat can be their absolute worst nightmare while training. Fortunately, there is one simple trick that could keep the body cool, and help one stay active longer this summer.

What Is Pre-cooling?

The longer one trains, the more calories get burnt, and the more weight is lost. This simple principle guided a group of Scandinavian researchers to conduct a study focused on how to keep the body from overheating while training in intense heat. Although the body does create its own natural cooling system using perspiration and air flow, it is not enough to remain comfortable and cool while training in the summer sun. While effective at removing heat from the body, this process can increase strain on the heart and reduce the flow of blood and oxygen to working muscles. So, the question arises as to how to beat the heat.

According to these researchers one can keep cool with Pre-cooling. Pre-cooling is the process of dropping the body’s temperature drastically prior to engaging in rigorous activity in high temperature conditions. There are a few different methods of precooling that have been used (somewhat unknowingly) for years now. To find the most efficient and effective way to pre-cool Scandinavian researchers developed a study in which the two most popular forms of pre-cooling would be put to the test.

The Study on Pre cooling

To obtain a reliable base for their measurements, the researchers would first observe how participants performed in high temperature conditions after consuming a room temperature sweet drink and allowing their body to use sweat as a cooling mechanism. Once the participants had finished consuming these drinks they were asked to run for 30 minute on a treadmill, while in a hot room.

The study would then examine the most common pre-cooling method, which is to simply drinking an ice cold sweet beverage before exercise; sweet drinks were used because the beverage drops in temperature much faster than any other kind of beverage. In the study, athletes were given a cold sweet beverage before their second work out in a temperature controlled facility. Athletes would spend about 30 minutes on a treadmill, in a heated room, while researchers monitored their core temperature, skin temperatures, heart rates, blood lactate levels, and feelings about how hot they felt.

Finally, participants were asked to dunk their arms in ice cold water, place cold towels on their necks, and strap on a pair of underwear with special ice pockets. The participants would then spend another 30 minutes running, while researchers recorded their results.

The Results

The study’s results revealed that consuming a cold sweet beverage before exercise in hot climates will help keep core temperatures low for some time. However, in order to train longer and avoid overheating, it is much more beneficial to pre-cool using an exterior method, such as wrapping a cold towel around the neck or putting on a pair underwear equipped with ice pockets at the thighs.

The results inferred 3 key things:

  • During the start of the run, those who had pre-cooled were able to sustain a higher intensity.
  • Regardless of precooling, their finishing body temperatures were the same, so eventually, the effects do wear off.
  • The effects lasted longest on those who had cooled the skin rather than the stomach.

Note: Although these methods can help train in high temperatures for a long period of time; training in extreme heat is not encouraged. Even with pre-cooling, the body can easily be pushed past its limits in extreme heat. Continuing activity in these conditions can result in injury. It is advised to speak to a medical professional before engaging in any kind of rigorous activity during periods of high heat.

Lowering the body temperature in the hour before running in the heat slows the rate at which the core temperature of the body rises once we go outdoors. That translates into being able to run farther or faster than would otherwise be possible in the heat. It was found that precooling improved hot-weather performance by 3%. In addition to wearing a commercially available “ice-vest”, one can sip cool beverages and sit in an air-conditioned room. Happy slimming and enjoy running cool!!!!!