Refreshing Morning Lemon Elixir To Speed Up Weight Loss

We live in a world that is full of toxins and polluted stuff around. All the processed foods and artificial sweeteners are doing no favor to our body. Practically all of your troubles are a result of the toxins that we build up in our system. Our daily habits disable the body’s natural ability to detox, heal itself and repair. Consequently we struggle with obesity, fatigue, poor digestion, food intolerance, weakened immune system etc. Today, we provide you a very simple and healthy way to speed- up your weight loss.

Morning Lemon Elixir

According to its name, you already know that this is the elixir, so you have to start your morning with it. Drink this freshly squeezed lemon juice before breakfast to ensure your body’s healthy jump-start. Ingredients required to prepare this relishing elixir are freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon, 1 cup lukewarm water, 1/2 inch of fresh ginger root or 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, 1 teaspoon raw apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon raw honey (In case of a low sugar diet, use Stevia)

In case you have discomforts in your chest, don’t add the raw apple cider vinegar. It may be due to the releasing of unwanted toxins and bacteria. Anyway, continue to drink the elixir every morning for 3 days without the vinegar, and then try to introduce it again in very small amounts. If you still feel discomforts, then exclude the vinegar completely.

The Effects of Elixir

This elixir will increase the digestive enzymes count and thus will help your body stimulate digestion. The liver will begin to release the toxins and all fat will be slowly flushed away. Additionally, your body will receive minerals, potassium and vitamin C. So, you will regulate your weight and blood sugar levels, and your body will become more alkaline.

Benefits of ingredients

Lemon: Lemon greatly helps for the weight problem. Even in obese conditions where the excessive fat deposition is seen, lemon is seen to help in great amount. This is because the lemon is rich in citric acid and this alkaline food is highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity without the loss of energy and appetite. Having the lemon juice early in the morning on an empty stomach or after a big and oily meal makes it a great detoxifying tonic.

Ginger: It is a warming spice that has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to relax the intestinal tract. The oils found in ginger called gingerols have antibacterial, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory effects. A combination of vitamins and minerals make this root a health powerhouse that can also help you lose weight. They have thermogenic properties that helps boosting metabolism and reduces your appetite to eat. It stimulates digestive enzymes to make your body absorb good nutrients quickly and avoid unhealthy ones.

Apple cider vinegar: As the apple cider vinegar (ACV) is rich in antioxidants, it plays a major role in boosting the immune system. It helps you fight off disease because germs cannot live in the acidic environment created by ACV and at the same time regulates the pH level of your body.

Honey: Honey has great healing abilities; and also, they are delicious and nutritious. They should be a part of every person’s regular diet. When combined with the above ingredients, it acts as marvel of nature can help fight the war against weight. As for the honey, only raw honey should be used, which means it should have not been heated up.

After a few days, a massive amount of phlegm will be released and you will feel less bloated because your stomach can digest your food better. Add this amazing recipe along with your meals and burn those calories. Eat a healthy meal and make sure you get enough of these cool ingredients and shed those pounds in no time. Also, eating a healthy meal only means that you are adding more and more nutrients which will make you gain very less weight. Eat healthy, live better! The benefits are simply endless! Eliminate toxins and start living healthier!