Low-Carb Diet & Milk

If milk is a staple of your meal plan, a low-carb diet might not be the right option for you. Such diets can result in at least as much weight loss as a more traditional low-fat diet and may also help you lower your blood pressure and triglycerides, according to a study published in "The New England Journal of Medicine" in May 2003. But you won't be able to drink a lot of milk on this diet, especially for those who greatly restrict their intake of carbs.

Carbs in Cow's Milk

Many low-carb diets require you to limit the amount of carbohydrates you consume to less than 30 grams per day, especially in the beginning, according to the University of Illinois Extension. A cup of skim, whole or 2-percent milk contains about 12 grams of carbohydrates, so if you drink the recommended 2 cups of milk per day, you don't have many carbohydrates left for fruits, vegetables or grains. Although skim, reduced-fat and whole milk have about the same amount of carbohydrates per cup, you should opt for skim or low-fat milk to limit your fat and saturated fat intake.