How to Get a Flat Stomach for Men

Men tend to accumulate fat in the stomach area, which can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, as well as compromised health. Excess fat in around the abdominal area lowers metabolism and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Men can get a flat stomach and avoid these potentially deadly diseases by modifying their lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet and exercising are surefire ways to lower body fat levels over the entire body including the abdominal area. It’s not effective to try and “spot treat” your abdominal area with excessive sit-ups or crunches; a whole-body weight loss approach is the only way to flatten your stomach.

Step 1
Eliminate empty calories from your diet, which are commonly found in sugary snacks, regular soda and other unhealthy food and drinks. Just cutting 500 calories per day from your diet—approximately two sodas per day—will lead to one pound of fat loss per week. Eat five servings per day of fruits and vegetables along with plenty of whole grains and lean meats like chicken, fish and turkey. Men should consume a minimum of 1,500 calories per day according to the National Institute of Health. You can also use an online basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculator to determine a relatively accurate estimate of what your daily caloric intake should be.

Step 2
Exercise five days per week for 30 to 60 minutes per session. This would include walking or jogging at a moderate pace with a goal of burning approximately 300 calories per workout. Burning 1,500 calories per week through cardio exercise will help boost your metabolism and burn nearly a half pound of fat per week. Increase the time spent exercising by one or two minutes per week in order to keep seeing weight loss results week after week.

Step 3
Work out your abdominal muscles and core using an exercise ball. The key exercise to focus on is the abdominal crunch; do three to four sets of 20 to 30 repetitions three times per week. Other good exercises to include in your exercise ball workout include back extensions, elevated push-ups and wall squats. These resistance exercises will help to further increase your body’s metabolic rate, which means more efficient weight loss, and help strengthen your core by increasing muscle mass.

Step 4
Consume a protein shake immediately following each cardio and resistance training workout. Additionally, drink a protein shake for breakfast on non-workout days. The protein supplement will give your body the added protein needed to tone your muscles. As your body increases its muscle mass, it begins to burn fat more efficiently, even while you’re at rest.


Never begin a diet and exercise program without first consulting your doctor.
Don’t ever make any drastic changes to your diet; it should be a gradual process over a period of weeks. This does not include soda or sugary snacks, which can be cut out of your diet “cold turkey.”
Stop exercising if you feel faint, dizzy, nauseous or extreme weakness. You may be overdoing it. Consult a doctor to be safe.


Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep your energy levels high.
Exercise with a friend or workout buddy for additional motivation and to increase the odds that you stick to the program long term.
Things You'll Need
Healthy foods
Running shoes
Exercise ball
Protein powder