Express Super Diet: Lose 5 pounds in 10 days!

If you need to express time you lose a couple of pounds, and you want to eat healthy this is the right diet. Weight will not come back, and there will be no ill effects on the psychological and physical health.

Drink more water and less juice, coffee or alcohol. Try to eat every day at the same time and eat dinner as early as possible

The diet lasts for 10 days and not a day more. What is the best, you are building a meal plan and customize it to your needs and wishes.

Rehearse because you only out so as to solve the excess fat. It is important to get a good sweat, either running, fast walking or cycling.

Also, it is important that during this diet you practice, because no physical activity will not be found. Eat different fruits, because each of the fruit contains certain ingredients that are necessary for your body functioning normally. The same goes for vegetables, boiled or steamed–some types of vegetables are good antioxidants, others are good for fiber, which help digestion, a third for vitamins and minerals.

Some vegetables will thus help in weight loss, some that you do not lose skin color and tone, and even help to restore the lost luster.

If you get hungry between meals, eat an apple. Also, if you feel any weakness in the body, which should not happen, turn up meals for a third or discontinue with the diet

Let dominated carrots, lettuce, tomato, eat as colorful. On your diet menu can be the soup vegetables. As for fruit, eat it a lot, but for this diet best fruits are papaya, apple, strawberry, grape and raspberry.
These fruits will not only help you burn more fat, but you will get them the necessary vitamins. Also, instead of fruits and vegetables you eat yogurt with natural muesli.

During the diet you will have to forget about the bread, meat, cheese, pasta, sweets. That will allow fruit and vegetables to help in weight loss, do not mean to disturb him eat every hour in unlimited quantities.

On the day you have to have four main meals – breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner. For each meal, eat a cup (2 dl) of fresh vegetables and one cup of fruit. Instead of soup, you can eat a delicious mixed salad, vegetable. Season with the lemon, not with the dressing.


Breakfast: 1 cup of chopped fruit, 1 cup tomato juice or one cup of yogurt

Lunch: 1 cup of vegetable soup or a bowl of lettuce, a cup of chopped fruit

Snack: cup of chopped fruit

Dinner: salad vegetables – cucumber, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage soup cup, cup of chopped fruit.