Can I Burn Off Belly Fat with 30 Minute Walks?

You don't need a costly gym package to whittle your waist---you just need a good pair of walking shoes. Losing weight is fairly basic. You must burn more calories than you take in. A combination of diet and exercise is your best bet because dieting alone will cause your metabolism to slow, which can stall your weight-loss efforts. Walking sessions of just 30 minutes several days a week will help you burn your belly fat.

Step 1
Warm up with a slow walk of about 2 miles per hour. Use five minutes for your warm-up. You are burning about five calories per minute.

Step 2
Walk at a fast speed of about 4 mph for two minutes. You are burning about seven calories per minute, according to Fred A. Stutman, author of "100 Weight-Loss Tips That Really Work."

Step 3
Drop down to a brisk walk of about 3 mph for two minutes. This is your recovery time. You are burning about six calories per minute.

Step 4
Walk at a "race" pace of about 5 mph for two minutes. You are burning about eight calories per minute.

Step 5
Return to your 3 mph speed for two minutes. Alternate between a brisk, 3mph walk and a "race" walk in two minute intervals eight more times. Interval training, or alternating between higher and lower intensities, is a powerful tool for burning fat among nonathletes, says C.G. Perry, lead author for a study published in "Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism."

Step 6
Walk slowly for the remaining three minutes in your workout to cool down. You've burned about 290 calories during your workout.

Step 7
Cut at least 210 calories from your daily diet on days that you walk and at least 500 calories from your diet on days that you do not. You need a calorie deficit of 500 calories daily to lose 1 lb. body fat a week, the recommended weight loss rate for successfully keeping unwanted pounds off, according to Burning 290 calories and cutting another 210 gives you this 500-calorie deficit. Easy ways to pare calories include reducing your portion sizes, switching high-calorie foods for lower calorie choices and avoiding one high-calorie choice such as a soda.


Always check with a health care provider before starting a new diet or exercise regimen.


Choose a level terrain if you are new to walking.
Utilize an erect posture.