Blast Belly Fat Without Workout by Drinking This Before Going to Bed

If you have tremendous desire to lose belly fat, melt the excess weight, slim down your waistline, then this slimming beverage might be the most important way for accomplishing your fat loss and weight loss goals in the short term.

Limes and lemon are put together to flush the unwanted fat and toxic substances within the body which additionally complicate the metabolism of fats. Once the toxins are out of the system the fat burning process is restored and complete.

Ginger combined with mint tea is extremely powerful concoction that enables proper digestion, faster metabolism and better functioning of the fat burning process. This eventually leads to melting of the fat deposits stored within the cells. It is also important to do some light physical activities such as walking, cycling or anything else according to your desire and opportunities.

This slimming drink intends to burn the belly fat that pose a serious threat to all the internal organs, reduce your waistline, hydrates your body and give you fresh and more attractive appearance.

  • 2 cups of mint tea
  • 1 tsp. grated ginger
  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 lime

Squeeze the lemon and the lime, put the grated ginger and add the lukewarm mint tea, stir well and consume this slimming drink in a period of 3 hours, usually in the evening period and always on an empty stomach. Don’t eat anything else afterwards.