7 Worst Reasons That Are Making You Obese And Overweight

The first thing that you need to do while deciding on a diet or weight loss is to gather as much information as you can. Learning about the reason for weight gain, obesity and overweight can really bring a great outcome to your diet requirements. Most people do several things at once in order to lose weight and end up with no positive results. So that is the reason we are asking you to stay calm and without jumping into any conclusion you need to understand the reason or causes for the overweight issues. Here are some major causes you should know about.

Consumption of bad fats

It is actually not possible to gain weight without gaining the fat. The fats, especially the ones which come from animal origin are considered to be the bad fats. Consuming the fatty foods is also a reason why you are gaining weight.

Consuming refined carbohydrates

The refined carbohydrates are white flour, white sugar, sweets made of them. The food you eat in the restaurant is full of fat, salt and sugar – three things that give a flavor for the food and create the craving to consume them. Therefore, you intake more calories than you need. All you have to do is cook at home. It will be healthier and it will surely have less calories.

Skipping meals

Many people believe that eating less or skipping any meal will help them shed their weight easily. But skipping meals does no good to your body. You tend to eat more and eat junk or eat foods that are high on calories. This is because when you are hungry, you might eat a bigger portion of unhealthy food. So it is important to have smaller meals in a day and have frequently. Try to include all the important vitamins and nutrients in your diet.

Drinking certain beverages

Alcoholic beverages, especially beer is totally bad for your health. If you have a stubborn tummy then you need to blame your alcohol consumption. With alcohol we enter an abundance of calories which are turned into fat. Excessive amounts of salt in the diet. The salt binds the water and this leads to weight gain.

Hereditary factors

Some people inherited a corpulent constitution from their ancestors, which is probably important for better assimilation of products. There is 80% probability that a child of obese parents will become fat.

Hormonal imbalance

There are individual factors that are dependent of the hormonal balance of any person. Hormone such as thyroxine, which is secreted by the thyroid gland, helps you to digest food quickly in the body. In contrast to that, insulin increases the lipogenesis (creating fat). It is proven that obese people react poorly to insulin, which means that it takes a greater amount of insulin to metabolize glucose. This condition is the cause of the increased production of fat in our bodies.

Sensitive appetite

It seems that people prone to obesity have more sensitive appetite center. We are talking about the nerve center, which regulates the appetite and it is located in the hypothalamus in the center of brain. Because of that they are often hungry and they need a large quantity of food to feel satiety.

Obese people produce less heat than skinny people. Calories which are converted into energy pile up in the body in form of fat. In contrast to that, skinny people spend larger amounts of calories to maintain body heat and yet are not inclined to fever. They spend more energy and have less fat deposits. Some of them gain weight and the others maintain their weight and some even get thinner. Not everyone can gain weight easily. Such differences between people are not always clear despite numerous studies in this regard.