5 Tricks, that you Will Look Slimmer Overnight!

How many times was that after a while reaching for favorite jeans and button your barely them? Do not worry, you have not gained weight, but express the word bloated stomach which is usually to blame your digestive system. Here are 5 tricks with the help of which you can feel slimmer overnight.

1.Start the day

The feeling of sluggishness with what we wake up and have your body and therefore should be started the day with a delicious – whole grains. Mix yogurt, probiotic milk or cereal made ​​from whole grains or reach for a winning combination of muesli cereal and dried fruit. This is a breakfast full of fiber and minerals that will awaken your metabolism and speed up digestion.


Although fresh vegetables are very healthy untreated it can cause bloating. Favorite foods like carrots, leeks, peppers, cabbage and fennel instead of a fresh salad rather prepare blanched or briefly cooked . Thus prepared vegetables will lose nutritional value, will be richer flavor and body will digest it easier.


If you want to stay overnight without abdominal briefly forget about the hot spices. Black pepper, chilli peppers and sauces from which you can replace the red eyes with Mediterranean herbs such as basil, rosemary, oregano and mint. Angry spices cause increased secretion of stomach acid which can irritate the stomach, and intestines and cause bloating.


Some will think that drinking large amounts of water full stomach and therefore it increases the time, but the water is your best friend. The body that is hydrated for better and faster, and this also applies to digestion. In a glass of water, add a little grated ginger which will further awaken your digestive tract.

5.Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol, xylitol or mannitol contained in the drink, chewing gum and cakes are perhaps healthier than refined sugar, but it is so difficult to digest and can also cause bloating. Do you want to sweeten a beverage rather reach for a spoon of honey, agave syrup or coconut sugar.