10 Deliciously Aromatic Spices And Herbs That Will Boost The Process Of Weight Loss

Adding herbs to your meal gives you much more than just taste. It not only enhances the flavor of your food but also gives you multiple health benefits. They contain antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and few have medicinal properties as well. They may seem small and insignificant but spices offer much more than a kick of flavor to your meals. Consider adding a natural weight loss catalyst to your diet by including some of the spices listed below into your daily routine.

Black Pepper

Black pepper not only spices up your food but also blocks the formation of new fat. It contains piperine which helps to burn calories. Piperine makes you sneeze and can actually help prevent fat storage. This ingredient can be digested and burnt easily when consumed. It also increases the bioavailability and is suitable to use for any meal or salad. You can just spread some amount of it using the pepper shaker on your potatoes, eggs and also in pasta.


Cardamom has a strong smell and is widely used in the holistic Ayurveda approach to natural health for thousands of years. It has a very sweet aromatic flavor that boosts your metabolism and has a fat burning ability. The smokey and sweet taste of cardamom goes great in a cup of coffee, tea, puddings, soups, potatoes, and any kind of meat. It is been traditionally used to cure diarrhea, fever, bronchitis, colds and non-specific viral infections, headaches, parasitic worms, leprosy, bladder and kidney infections, and to reverse joint and muscle pain due to inflammation or arthritis.


Cinnamon’s versatility is such that it is not only used in meals but also in desserts. It reduces the blood sugar levels, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol levels in diabetes 2 people. Ground cinnamon is loaded with iron, calcium, fiber, and manganese. These minerals help prevent stomach ulcers and cures infection. It metabolizes glucose to prevent fat storage and helps food digest in a way that makes you feel fuller for longer. Try cinnamon sprinkled in coffee, baked recipes, in hot water with honey, or on your breakfast cereal/oatmeal.


It is a warming spice that has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to relax the intestinal tract. The oils found in ginger called gingerols have antibacterial, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory effects. A combination of vitamins and minerals make this root a health powerhouse that can also help you lose weight. They have thermogenic properties that helps boosting metabolism and reduces your appetite to eat. It stimulates digestive enzymes to make your body absorb good nutrients quickly and avoid unhealthy ones.


This ingredient is not only a curing agent but also good for reducing weight. It reduces the body fat tissue and prevents the obesity related issues that you have. It’s been suggested by physicians to alleviate stress, clean the liver, lower cholesterol, and as a natural antiseptic. The curcumin in turmeric counteracts resistance of insulin in your body, making you less likely to store fat or develop diabetes. Like many of the other spices turmeric can be purchased in pill and powder forms. It serves as a great addition to seafood and chicken dishes. It can be used in any dish and at any time. It’s also been mixed with honey and lemon to make a fat fighting tea.


It is common ingredient in energy drinks because of its use in boosting energy and clarity. It goes beyond a mere stamina boost and also works to keep cells in your body from storing energy as fat. Ginseng is linked to weight loss as well due to the release of insulin spark. It also speeds up your metabolism. You can consume this in drinks as it is a good energy booster. You can use this powder sprinkled on salads and any cooked food. The root can also be eaten raw or cooked, usually in a soup of some sort.


Mustard is one of the ingredients in cayenne warming oil recipe used to relieve muscle and joint pain. As a condiment mustard is one of your healthiest choices with a mere 5 calories per serving. Ingesting mustard seed is an effective way to make your body burn calories. Hot mustard is said to have the most effective thermogenic effect. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body generates heat, or energy, by increasing the metabolic rate above normal. You can burn these calories by 45 minutes of walking.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper raises your temperature and as a response your body works to cool it down. This helps in shrinking your fat tissue that are present in the body and lowers the blood fat level. It also helps fighting against the fat that will build up. This process requires your body to burn more calories as it cools. It takes only a pinch or two in your dish to give it a spicy kick as well as a healthy boost. It helps boosting the metabolism by upto 5 percent and increase the fat burning by 16 percent. It goes well with ground meat, cooked vegetables, and is also available in powder capsules if you aren’t into scorching your mouth.


This is another most common ingredient which is healthy and good for digestion. It also acts as an energy booster. There are numerous mental and physical benefits that come from ingesting cumin. It can improve memory, concentration, prevent excessive gas and bloating and help your body absorb healthy nutrients. The high level of iron aids in healthy digestion and enhances metabolic enzymes. Further it also helps to control type 2 diabetes.


Considered a pestilent weed by many, dandelion is actually a completely edible weight loss supplement as well. It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. They have antioxidants properties and contain bitter crystalline compounds. They are full of dietary fiber and contain carotene, vitamin K1, vitamins and minerals. They are excellent source for cleaning liver as well. It is recommended to eat them raw. Dried leaves and powders are commonly mixed into hot tea and other types of drinks. Fresh leaves can be added to salads.

All the herbs and spices mentioned above are rich in substances that contribute to our health, and do so relatively in a small dose. Few of them we unknowingly use in daily cooking. But there are many more that you can start using for better health. These herbs and spices are most potent antioxidants. They have fewer calories and are widely used. Oregano is another such herb commonly found and good antioxidant.