Wonderful Information About Mediterranean Diet That Will Be Helpful For People Trying To Lose Weight

Since the recent trend is now about the weight gain and obesity epidemic, there are a lot of stuff that are researched upon and quest is done on which is the best diet form. There are various names that we hear as effective one. Among them, the raw food diet, paleo diet, fruit diet, whole food diet and the Mediterranean diet are common names. The Mediterranean diet has recently become very popular among the people who want to lose weight, change their food regime towards healthy nutrition and implement practice new, healthy lifestyle.

What is Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is based on olive oil, which is rich with antioxidants and monounsaturated fats, instead of the unhealthy saturated fats. Another good thing about the Mediterranean diet is that you enjoy the food you eat and you don’t have to change your food regime dramatically. Instead of following a particular diet in this Mediterranean diet, one is actually asked to follow a certain steps, procedures of rules, whatever you want to call it. The plan is given below:

Things to be done on a daily basis

Using olive oil: On a daily basis you should include the olive oil in salads, when cooking meat, fish, potatoes etc. Use olive oil for any type of food and cooking.

Include low fat dairy products: When it comes to dairy products, you need those in your daily menu. You can just pay attention to choose the low-fat products, 0.9% of fat.

Fruits and vegetables are compulsory: It is very important to include the fruits in your diet. You should at least eat the fruits at least half an hour before each meal, and one between meals. Also eat vegetables with each meal and as a side of a meal, as a salad, or fresh.

Include nuts: If you are okay with eating nuts and like different types of nuts like walnuts, almonds, hazlenuts and others, then try implementing them in your daily diet. Along with nuts, have some beans since they provide you with the necessary fibers and reduce the cholesterol levels.

Avoid the whites: Avoid the white bread, white rice and the other white products, and use whole grain products instead. Anything that is made of all purpose flour is actually not good for you.

Drink lots of water: Water is life! It keeps you hydrated the whole day and greatly improves the digestion process. You can easily flush out the toxins that sit on your body. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Red wine is great for your waistline: Red wine is also good for you, but be moderate about it. The recommended amount for the ladies is one glass a day, and for the gentlemen 2 glasses a day.

Stay active: Try having some kind of physical activities at least 30 minutes a day. If nothing more, you can walk to work and back, instead of using the car.

Things to be done on a weekly basis

Include proteins: Eat eggs at least four times a week. You can consume the eggs for your breakfast and also as an evening snack when you have some craving for food. Avocadoes and nuts are also a good source of proteins if you are a vegan

Lean meat consumption: Consume poultry meat a few times a week, but don’t forget to remove the skin. The skin is very much rich in the bad fats which takes a lot of time to be digested and also to burn off.

Include fish: Fishes like Tuna and salmon are great for your health as they are best foods for the weight loss process. Don’t forget to eat fish on a weekly basis. Any other sea food is also recommendable, but avoids the fried ones.

Things to be done on a monthly basis

Consumption of red meat: Don’t consume red meat more than a few times a month. It is actually good to completely avoid the red meat and replace the same with broccoli or other veggies.

Control your sugar cravings: Be careful with the sweets. You don’t have to throw them completely out of the diet, just try to replace them with fruit or honey most of the times.

Go organic: Consume only natural foods and drinks. The foods that you get at normal stores like walmart are actually filled with chemicals and some have the GMO version of it. If possible try to get your fruits and veggies from local grocers or from wholefoods.

Give importance to physical activity: Do not forget the importance of physical activity. There are so many different types of it, there’s most certainly something that would suit you.

The Mediterranean diet would not allow you to lose weight all of the sudden. It’s a slow process, but it’s worth it and it is the healthiest way towards a better lifestyle. The most important thing is that it has proven its efficiency more than any other diet. So follow these steps in the Mediterranean diet sacredly and definitely you will see a great change in you. Remember that losing weight is not an instant process and it takes a whole lot of time for you to actually come in shape. And this Mediterranean diet actually is worth giving a try.