These Are the Top 3 Exercises to Help You Reduce Weight Really Quickly

Do you want to lose weight? You wish to lose that unappealing layer of belly fat or to burn calories? Well, you shouldn’t miss your cardio from your daily routine. The best cardio exercise is as we all know… running. If you can do jogging for any kind of reason we are offering you 3 other alternatives. This exercises will help you burn almost the same calories as jogging and you can exercise in the privacy of your home

Jumping rope

Yep, this childhood game could be your savior! It is so much fun and extremely effective. Jumping rope burns up to 13 calories a minute. Additionally, if you choose to jump rope as an alternative of running you will work out more muscle groups.

Hoop pushups/burpees

This is the most effective exercise for weight loss, for numerous explanations: you can do it anywhere you want, it works the whole body, it will develop flexibility, stability and stamina and burns a lot of calories.

How to do? Drop slowly in a squat, then jump down in pushup position engaging your palms in front of your feet and rapidly go back in the previous squat position. And then jump up. Repeat this procedure for 10 times, with one-minute break between the rounds.

Jumping squats

These are so much more effective than the regular squats. They will transform the layers of fat in muscle mass. Finish one round of 10-12 jumping squads and then pause for half a minute and repeat the circuit 4-5 times.