The Best Way To Burn Fat, Lose Weight And Detox Your Body

The belly fat is such a great embarrassment to most of us. The fat that has accumulated around the belly is just not like any other fat in other areas. It is just a thick fat stubborn fat that makes sure to ruin your appearance. Not just making you feel embarrassed, studies have shown that having excess abdominal fat increases the risk of heart attacks, hypertension and diabetes too. So, don’t you think you should get rid of that belly fat in order to look good and also stay healthy? One of the best and effective methods to lose the abdominal fat and cellulite formation is using the plastic wrap. There is different kind of stomach/abdominal wraps and some of them are listed below.

Honey wrap – Wrapping up with honey and egg!

You will need some honey, egg yolk, lemon, essential oil and finally a plastic wrap to get this stomach or fat wrap on you. First, fill up honey, egg yolk and some drops of lemon juice or essential oil in a bowl. Heat this up in the bowl and put this mixture on fat filled areas like belly, thighs, arms etc. Apply this around the midsection of your belly and wrap it using a foil. This causes the excess fat to be released from your abdominal region. You can cover up with more winter clothes for better results. Leave it for an hour and wash it completely or have a nice shower with hot water. The entire process supports the detoxification of your body, especially the abdomen.

Mud wrap – Wrapping well with the clay

Take some blue clay and heat it up in water. The clay should dissolve in warm water such that it looks similar to frozen yogurt. Apply this pack on cellulite filled areas like belly and thigh. Properly fit this wraps around your abdomen region and make sure it fits perfect around without gaps. You can also cover the wrap by wearing the T-shirt that can accommodate the additional padding. Wrap an elastic bandage to hold the plastic wrap in place. Allow the wrappings to lie on for about 60 minutes. You can do some exercises while you have put on the wrap.

This method stands out among the other methods of evacuating the cellulite and helping lose the fat from body. It is also effective in clearing the stretch marks as the blue dirt has some micro elements that are nutrient for your skin. This anti cellulite wrapping is the best and most preferred way to burn the fat deposit under your skin.

Herbal stomach wrap

You can actually use the wrap at the end of the day, during night. There are several herbal wraps which can be prepared by ingredients like sea salt, olive oil and seaweed. Just prepare your favorite herbal ingredient like for example olive oil and give a nice massage on your belly using it. Wrap up around it using plastic sheet and leave the wrap for around 45 minutes. You can get this wide variety of recipes from a local spa as well. Never sleep off by putting on this.

You can choose any of these wraps for effective results. The plastic wrap actually works in the principle of the greenhouse effect and still boosts the functioning of sweat glands. It in turn gets the toxins eliminated from your body and becomes the popular cosmetic procedure in this way. You can follow this procedure of plastic wrap twice a week and you will experience fantastic changes in your body. Along with this, you should follow a healthy diet that is filled with fruits and vegetables.