Strength & Toning Workouts

Some people say they don't want to look "too bulky" and just want to "tone." However, many people do not realize that strength training is what gets that desired toned look. Combined with moves such as push-ups and triceps dips in a mini workout, stationary lunges and jumping lunges in a plyometrics workout and biceps curls followed by jogging in a 20-minute circuit workout, that "toned" look, along with a stronger body, can be achieved..

Mini Workout

For a total-body workout, complete 10 to 20 push-ups, regular or kneeling. Then, do 20 to 25 crunches followed by 10 to 20 triceps dips. Next, do 15 to 25 jumping jacks and end the first set with 10 to 20 step-ups on a bench with each leg. With this all-around body workout, this mini-workout strengthens and tones the upper body and lower body in a quick session.


Complete 20 repetitions of each exercise. First, do stationary squats followed by an explosive movement with jumping squats. Next, while alternating legs, complete stationary lunges followed by jumping lunges. Finally, complete 20 reverse lunges on the right followed by 10 tuck jumps. Complete the same routine for the left leg. According to Oxygen Advisory Board member Cathy Savage, "Combining plyometrics with lunges and squats combines more strength and power than strength training alone–all while burning calories."

20-Minute Circuit Workout

Start off with a bench press or push-ups for one minute followed by squats for one minute. Next, for one minute, complete pull-ups or pull-downs and then bike or jog for three minutes. Perform a military press for one minute followed by lunges on each leg for one minute each. Bicep curls are next for one minute, followed by another three minutes of biking or jogging. Complete one minute of triceps extensions and one minute of leg extensions and leg curls. Abdominals are worked last, with two minutes of sit-ups and then two minutes of crunches. The object of the workout is to complete the exercises with little to no rest. If the the 20 minutes is not hard enough, aim to complete another set to equal a 40-minute workout.