Lose up to 30 kilos in just 21 days with this drink

The numbers are incredible, but true. This drink burns fat and cleans toxins.

Over the years, tons and tons of food and thousands of liters of liquid will pass through the intestines, from which 30 kilos of toxic waste may be built.

For the fact that your intestines are not cleaned frequently they appear stomach problems, diabetes, impaired metabolism, kidney and liver diseases, inadequate or excess weight, problems with eyesight and hearing, poor nail, skin and hair, cancer ...

With treatment only part of the colon is cleansed, or 40/50 inches, and intestinal washing treatment with special equipment is long, very expensive and not safe for the microflora of intestines.

for this reason the drink called ‘kefir’ is recommended.

Eat 1-3 tablespoons of flax seed meal within three weeks completely clean the colon and small intestine waste, parasites and fecal fat, with preservation of the intestinal microflora.

- Burn Fat

This method will burn fat and rapid normalization of weight. Also will affect the regulation of lipid metabolism. Flax seed meal absorbs and eliminates toxins in the body and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

This remedy will help you if you have colitis, gastritis, diseases of the urinary tract, stomach ulcers, pyelonephritis, cystitis, altered metabolism and overweight.

Consume this mixture for breakfast for three weeks:

  • First week: mix one tablespoon of flax meal soup with kefir 100ml
  • Second week: mix two tablespoons flax meal soup with kefir 100ml
  • Third week: mix three tablespoons flax meal soup with kefir 150ml

If you have problems finding flour flaxseed, then you should grind the flaxseeds well. Do not flax seed meal for a few days. It is best if you prepare it fresh every morning.

You can clean the intestines in this way can be performed once a year, and if you practice only 21 days, the result of 30 kilos less on the scale will be amazing!