How to Test Body Fat at Home – 8 Steps to Get the Results of the Test

A proficient bodybuilder must contain at least 5% of lower body fat to participate in contests. Body fat is an extremely complex matter because every gender and age must maintain a certain body fat percentage. It is better if you can have a test for body fat such as the body fat pinch test before doing anything that will help burn fat. You can test body fat at home as well.

Step #1: Look for a website where you can find a body fat calculator.

The websites that offer body fat calculators include: Health Central, Health Status and Diet and Fitness Today. These websites can help you test your body fat in the comfort of your own home.

Step #2: Learn the procedure of the test.

Start home body fat tests through these websites by keying in or choosing your sexual category. However, some of the websites will require you to key in your age as well as your present body mass or bulk.

Step #3: Determine the measurement of your waist and hips in inches.

Do this by means of utilizing a measuring tape. If you want to obtain the correct measurement of your waist, you have to stand up upright in a relaxed stance or posture then gauge the perimeter at your navel. To determine the measurement of your hips, keep your feet at least four inches away from each other then compute the largest area of your hips.

Step #4: You may need to take measurements on your wrist and forearms as well.

If the website asks you to measure your forearm and wrist as well, you should calculate the perimeter of your forearm by means of tightening your fist and enfolding the tape measure approximately on the largest area between your wrist and your elbow. Key-in the estimated number of measurement in the proper box. Measure the perimeter of your wrist immediately beneath the bottom of your hand.

Step #5: Calculate the perimeter of your neck if the website asks for it as well.

You can get the correct measurement by means of putting the tape measure in the region of your neck. From here, take the measurement at its thinnest spot.

Step #6: Enter each of the numbers in the correct boxes provided by the website.

These measurements are essential when making the body fat test at home. Snap the calculator button to distinguish the outcomes of the test you had conducted.

Step #7: Learn about the body fat test.

Being knowledgeable about the percentage of your body fat will let you know a lot concerning your body than any other types of test. It will tell you about the proper body fat you must have and the appropriate muscle you should gain and the things you precisely require to intensify or drop. Learning the percentage will let you plan a workout course to maximize the most out of your endeavors.

Step 8: Learn about the why you need it.

The tape measure body fat test is not considered the precise calculation of the correct percentage of your body fat. However, it can help you regulate what you need to manage when it comes to fat and it cannot hurt you to calculate the percentage of your body fat as well as the alterations in your body as well.
There are 8 steps crucial to perform a body fat test at home. It may relatively be simpler than the body fat pinch test but you need to make sure that you take correct measurements to get the results you want to see.