How to Measure Internal Body Fat – 5 Steps to Take Note of

Internal body fat is an indicator of how fit you are as a person. It is the same time, a factor to assess if you will be prone to acquiring coronary heart disease in the future. If you will want to avoid such occurrence, what you should do is measure internal body fat. How can you do this particular process? This page will inform you with steps that will help you go through body fat measurements successfully.

Step #1: Use a tape measure and a weighing scale.

These are two important tools you can make use of when calculating internal body fat. With a tape measure, you should jot down the circumference of your waist. Make sure you focus on the largest part then record the result in inches. Now, you can proceed to stepping on a body scale and then weigh yourself. Record the value this time in pounds.

Step #2: Calculate body mass.

What you will compute in here is your lean body mass otherwise known as LBM. LBM is computed using the values 94.42 plus 1.082 of your body weight less 4.15 of your waist line circumference. In formula it will be LBM = 94.42 + (1.082 X weight in pounds) – (4.15 x waist circumference in inches).

Step #3: Compute for body fat percentage.

You can compute body fat percentage using the formula body weight minus LBM divided by body weight multiplied by 100. In formula form, it will look like this: [(body weight – lean body mass)]/body weight x 100. The result will then be expressed in percentage form thus if you get 20% then that means you have 20% out of the 100% internal body fat.

Step #4: Additional steps for computing internal body fat in women.

Women will basically be advised to measure circumferences for the forearm, wrist and hips. All should be taken in inches and should be done on the widest parts of these areas. In this case, the LBM will be computed at = 8.987 + (0.732 x weight) + (wrist/3.14) + (0.434 x forearm) – (0.249 x hips) – (0.157 x waist).

Step #5: Look at recommended body fat levels.

This is found in a body fat percentage level chart available online. A separate chart is available for men and another for women. In this chart, your age brackets are given so you better look into that as well. A healthy or ideal body fat level is squeezed in between columns for too little body fat and overweight indicators. There is also a column indicating the obese percentage. You have to work out depending on the results you have seen on the table. When you see that the result is not favorable then you better ask help from experts who can help you start a good regimen either to increase or decrease body fat.

Take note that the first three steps presented above are plain and simple steps that men should follow when calculating for their internal body fat. This then means that a woman may need to undertake more steps and computations before they can finally compute for the body fat percentage.