How to Measure Body Fat with a Cloth Tape – 4 Steps to Undergo the Process

Body fat is a concern for everybody, men and women, young ones and adults. This is why, most think of how they can take body fat measurements using different tools. In this page, you will particularly learn how to measure body fat with a cloth tape.

Step #1: Prepare what you need.

Aside from the cloth tape, you will need other things such as a pen, a paper and calculator. The pen and paper will serve as your record before you make computations using a calculator. You will also need a bathroom scale.

Step #2: Weigh and measure yourself.

This is where the bathroom scale may be used. You can weigh yourself on the scale before you proceed to taking some measurements. The steps for men and women may vary in this regard.
For men, you have to measure your waist after weighing on a scale. Then you can get the cloth tape then have it placed on the waist area that you think is the narrowest. Get your pen and paper then record the measurements in inches.

For women, on the other hand, weighing yourself is also the first step to the process. However, taking some measurements may be more complex considering that you have to measure not only your waist but your forearm, wrist and hips as well. The cloth tape should be wrapped around your hips’ narrowest area. As for the wrists and forearms, you can measure any part you wish. From there, you can record all measurements in inches and write them in your paper.

Step #3: Calculate your body’s leanness.

Also known as lean body weight, this is computed using some specific equations. Males are advised to use the formula: (1.082 multiplied by body weight in pounds) less (4.15 of your waist size in inches) plus 94.42. Females, on the contrary, should consider all measurements in the formula thus the computation is at: (0.732 of your weight in pounds) less (.157 of your waist size in inches) less (.249 of hip’s size) plus (.434 of forearm size) plus the (wrist size divided by 3.14) plus a fixed number 8.987.

Step #4: Calculate your body fat percentage.

You simply have to substitute all the measurements you have taken down using your pen and paper. You should make sure you place the right values in the computation. Consider your gender as well. From your lean body weight, you can now compute the body fat percentage using the equation: total weight in pounds less lean body weight as computed using the equations in step #3 divided by your total body weight in pounds. Multiply the result with 100.

You may find it hard at first to use the cloth tape to take body fat measurements but in the long run, you will get used to it. You simply have to remember to weigh yourself and measure some significant parts of your body. From there, you can arrive at the computation that will result to the calculation you are looking for.