How to Lose Weight With a Lemon & Maple Juice Cleanse

Proponents of cleansing diets believe the diets increase energy and flush your system of toxins that build up over time -- in addition to causing weight loss. While no medical evidence supports the health claims of these cleanses, you can expect to lose weight due to the very low-calorie nature of the program. If you have existing health conditions, speak with your healthcare provider before beginning this or any other cleanse. The Master Cleanse is one type of cleanse that includes lemon juice and maple syrup.

Step 1
Add 2 tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice and 2 tbsp. of grade B maple syrup, preferably organic, to 8 oz. of water. Grade B maple syrup has a strong maple flavor and is darker than grade A syrup.

Step 2
Shake a little cayenne pepper into the mixture, adding more according to your tastes. Too much cayenne pepper will make the drink difficult to tolerate.

Step 3
Shake or stir to thoroughly mix. This makes the beverage easier to drink.

Step 4
Drink 12 glasses of the lemon and maple syrup beverage each day. You may find you are more comfortable drinking more or less than this, but aim for 12 glasses to start.

Step 5
Supplement your cleanse with non-caffeinated, unsweetened herbal teas.

Step 6
Follow the cleanse for no longer than 10 days. Return to a normal diet gradually, with fresh fruits and vegetables and minimal processed foods.

Things You'll Need

Fresh lemons
Grade B maple syrup
Cayenne pepper
Caffeine-free herbal tea