How to Lose the Stomach Fat With Zumba

You cannot burn off stomach fat by doing crunches or other abdominal exercises. However, dancing Zumba burns excess body fat wherever you tend to store it, including your stomach. A lively Zumba workout qualifies as vigorous cardiovascular exercise. Dancing Zumba for at least one hour burns about 400 to 500 calories, enough for you to lose 1 lb. per week if you exercise daily. However, not all Zumba workouts are equally effective. Maximize your fat-burning by tweaking your Zumba routine. If you have injuries or health concerns, speak to your doctor before starting a Zumba exercise regimen.

Step 1
Invest in appropriate shoes. Zumba involves quick turns, jumps and wide lateral movements that put you at risk of turning your ankles or injuring your knees. Wear shoes that fit well, have good ankle support, absorb shock and have a moderate amount of tread.

Step 2
Warm up for Zumba routines with slow cardiovascular activity. Step forward and back, march in place, move side to side and rotate your arms and knees. Spend about 10 minutes warming up, or longer if you have stiff muscles and joints.

Step 3
Engage your core muscles. Inhale and contract your abdominal muscles as you extend your limbs or squat. You will not burn stomach fat, but you will strengthen and define your abdominal muscles so you look slimmer.

Step 4
Make the most of the fast songs. Zumba routines center around the concept of interval training in which you work out intensely for one segment and more moderately for another. When you hear the beat get faster, move vigorously.

Step 5
Incorporate arm movements. You do not need to copy the instructor's elaborate arm movements. Just lift and lower your arms or pump them to further elevate your heart rate.

Step 6
Keep moving. Zumba's quick changes from salsa to cumbia or merengue to hip hop may leave you confused, but the key to burning more belly fat is to move your body. Ignore any complicated combinations that slow you down and focus on lifting your knees, squatting deeply or just jogging in place.


Drink plain water to stay hydrated during and after your workout.