How to Lose Belly Fat in Men – 7 Tips to Lose this Men’s Body Fat

Although men and women vary differently in body shapes, the way of losing belly fat is similar. Men is prone to store body fats on the upper part of their bodies but can speed up losing these fats by simply following the tips below. Try to include this in your list of how to lose belly fat in men.

Tip # 1: Reduce calories

Men should reduce their calorie intake daily in a way that it should be below the amount of calories they burn through exercise and normal metabolism. This process is known as negative calorie balance in which the body burns more calories than what it takes. The greater the difference between the number of calories burned and the calories ingested, the faster the tendency to lose weight.

Tip # 2: Reduce fat in the diet

To promote weight loss faster, you must eat a low-fat, low-calorie diet rich food which are found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat and dairy products. Avoid eating high fat and high calorie diet foods which are found in pastries and greasy foods.

Tip # 3: Increase aerobic exercises

Reducing calorie intake is not enough to lose belly fat. You also need to do some aerobic exercises that can help increase the body’s oxygen consumption. This is also an effective way of both losing weight and fat that burns a lot of calories and increases basal metabolic rate thus enhancing fat loss and weight loss as well.

Men are advised to do vigorous levels of aerobic exercise at least 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes per session. The best recommended aerobic exercises that you may enjoy are running, walking, swimming and cycling. These exercises allow you to work intensely which can burn a lot of calories making you lose fat and weight faster.

Tip # 4: Have some abdominal exercises

Although in any exercise, the core muscles are involved but it is also important to try some appropriate abdominal exercises. Just keep in mind to perform them properly. Your target is to lose fats on the different parts of your belly like upper, middle and lower portions of your abdomen. However if you don’t have enough time for these exercises, you can do some easy and fewer steps then increase your reps and intensity gradually.

Tip # 5: Try cardio vascular exercise

This method is one best way to lose belly fat in men. This is through a blend of cardio workout, heavy weight training and diet. Although this process is considered to be slow, it is worth the effort. The result can be seen in a better looking and fit body.

Tip # 6: Eat generously

This is the easiest way to men’s body fat, particularly belly fat. This will involve replacing unhealthy fat with wholesome fat. Simply use sunflower oil or olive oil as your cooking oil.

Tip # 7: Eat healthy and nourished foods

It is better to eat fiber rich foods like wheat flour, whole wheat pasta and brown rice. Avoid junk foods, canned products, margarine, cheese, vegetable oil and other fatty foods. Avoid alcoholic drinks since this is one big factor to increase belly fat. Unhealthy food and habitual drinking are the first factors that cause belly fat.

These are things to bear in mind if you want to learn how to lose belly fat in men. Eating healthy and consciously is required plus doing some combinations of exercises may help in the endeavor.