How to Learn about Carb Blockers – 6 Tips to Take Note of Before Deciding to Take these Supplements

The first thing you should take note of when learning about carb blockers is its history. Also called starch blockers, these were originally used to help people manage and eventually control diabetes. They were meant to work in preventing enzymes to breakdown into starches as they are consumed by the mouth. Now, carb blockers qualify as fat burning foods specifically helpful for people who want to lose weight. Here are of course other facts about these fat blockers.

Tip # 1: Know its sources.

They are made from amylase inhibitors or compounds that help in preventing the breakdown of carbohydrates in the digestive system. They can be derived from a number of things including the plants that are categorized under the legume family. Kidney beans are primary sources while wheat may also be an option.

Tip #2: Establish the real uses of carb blockers.

As mentioned awhile back, these were made to control diabetes. In the 1980s, studies of how they may help in diabetes control have been made. Though carb blockers were said to be beneficial for treatment of the condition, further studies still need to be undertaken to prove their efficacy in treating the plight.

Tip #3: Know if it is effective or not.

Aside from studying the help it can give for diabetic patients, studies on how it may help in weight loss have also been made. It was found out through these studies that the carb blocker can help in the body’s absorption of carbohydrates but the change it brings is said to be minimal. They do produce lower blood glucose in the body thus lessening or reducing body weight while helping control diabetes at the same time.

Tip #4: Know if there are side effects.

Carb blockers are noted to delay digestion specifically of carbohydrates. This being said, it can be also noted that one of its side effects is indigestion. They are usually broken down by bacteria once they reach the colon. And since carbon dioxide results from the process, bloating, excess gas and diarrhea may also come in as problems.

Tip #5: Heed some warnings about using such products.

Studies are ongoing when it comes to the efficacy of these carb blockers. While studies are being made, it goes to show that you cannot rely mainly on what others claim about its efficacy. This is why you should be warned about carb blockers as a whole. You need to go to your doctor to ask for help on when to consider such supplements specifically for your medical condition.

Tip #6: Always learn when to use a carb blocker.

You may want to consider using carb blockers to lose fat but you also have to think about a few things before taking a pill. This may work only for people who have a low carb diet but are having problems with maintaining the regimen they have started.
The idea of using carb blockers to supplement the function of fat burning foods may be enticing. However, there may be constraints as to how and when you may actually use one. Go over all the facts mentioned above before finally saying you can make use of these supplements.