How to Eliminate Lower Belly Fat – 6 Tips to Lose Fat From the Lower Abs

When was the last time you never have to try hard to fit into your favorite pants? Is the problem caused by lower belly fat, one that disallows you to pull your pants up and close the buttons down your navel? Well, you do not have to give up with that sight. The truth is that you can do something about it. To prove our statement correct, please read through the following tips to eliminate lower belly fat.

Tip #1: Whole grains are important.

You may have been fond of eating white rice and white bread. This is because you cannot taste something when eating wheat bread or brown rice. You find these foods unappetizing. Now, if you want to get rid of lower belly fat, the secret is to switch to whole grains. Belly fat, as we know is stored fat, and you can eliminate that through whole grains.

Tip #2: Tone your lower abs.

There are strengthening exercises that are specifically made to target the lower abdomen. These toning exercises include leg raises and pelvic tilts. Leg raises require you to hang using a bar while flexing your hips. The pelvic tilt, on the other hand, is one wherein you should lie down on your back with your knees bent. From that position, you also have to raise your pelvis. Twenty repetitions for each session will do.

Tip #3: Take note of exercise time.

You may say it is alright to spend 15 minutes a day to exercise. For those of you who have problems with how to eliminate belly fat, you can increase your exercise time at an hour a day. You do not need to exert too much effort during this workout since moderate exercises will help you lose weight from the abdominal area. Walking is always an ideal way to start with. Walk your dog to the park if you want or you may look for a walking partner for more inspiration.

Tip #4: Cardio exercises will help.

You have plenty of options in here. Lucky for you if you have a swimming pool at home; swimming will help you in the process. You may also walk around your neighborhood or climb up a mountain if you wish. If you have a bicycle, then pick it up and do some cycling. What matters is you perform such exercises at least three times a week.

Tip #5: Say no to saturated fats.

The fats you take in are converted to fats in the body that you may never lose unless you stop eating them. You then have to remove saturated fats from your diet to achieve your goal. You can always start reading the labels of foods you buy via grocery stores.

Tip #6: Calorie intake should be limited.

We are not saying you should not take in calories at all. But the rule of thumb is to eat only the calories that you can burn later on. Women only need 1200 calories to survive each day; while men only 1500 calories.

These are six tips that will surely help you eliminate belly fat in the lower abdomen. You can start slowly in order not to shock yourself with the process. You may need guidance and inspiration from another person as well.