How to Deal with Weight and Body Fat Using 5 Alternatives to Lipo

Were there instances when you feel like dieting and exercising is no longer enough in order to eliminate weight and body fat? Well, this might be the very same reason behind why you ought to have liposuction instead. The problem is the process can be very costly. It does work into your body’s pocket of fats but it will drain your pocket literally as well. With new advancements in technology, alternatives to lipo were introduced. Learn how to deal with weight and body fat using these alternatives to lipo.

Tip #1: Know more about Thermage.

Thermage is a process promoted by the show entitled Dr. Oz. This is a treatment used to target problems caused by skin elasticity loss. This is usually recommended for women in their 40′s since this can help tighten skin while also stimulating collagen generation and smoothing wrinkles.

Tip #2: Use the technique called lipodissolve.

In contrast to liposuction that uses a needle to suck out fats from the body, lipodissolve is made by injecting a primary ingredient to the affected area, otherwise known as phosphatidylcholine. This is not approved for localized fat injection purposes though.

Tip #3: Try the process called Velasmooth.

This one is a medical device that makes use of optical light combined with radiofrequency. This is approved by the FDA in melting cellulite. The process involves heating the skin’s surface which will later on result to improvement in blood circulation. Add to that, Velasmooth also relieves muscle aches and can be used in the neck, abdomen, hips, bra line, flanks, arms, buttocks and calves.

Tip #4: Learn about the Zerona Laser.

Also an FDA-approved treatment, this one makes use of a cold laser. The laser works in penetrating through fat cells and later on liquefies and shrinks them. The process takes around 20 minutes and should be done in 6 sessions at a 2-week interval. When these cells have been emulsified, fat tissues will transfer into areas called extracellular space and then flushed out as toxins from your lymphatic system. This can be used with a special liposuction technique that relies on laser therapy. The blend between these two techniques gives another term to Zerona Laser, that is, laser liposuction. With the combination however, expect that the procedure is invasive.

Tip #5: Discover the wonders of the Zeltiq CoolSculpting procedure.

This is yet one of the alternatives to lipo that you can certainly make use of. Otherwise termed as Cryolipolysis, the procedure freezes fat cells to break them down eventually. A small vacuum is basically placed on areas where much weight and body fat should be eliminated. It will take around 2 to 2 ½ months to see results from the process though. It causes some bruising and redness but is temporary though.

You definitely have smart alternatives to lipo – all giving you a chance to deal with weight and body fat conveniently. Each of these procedures has its own risk so you better take note of that as well before you make a decision.