Benefits of Abdominal Strength & Endurance

Getting that perfectly sculpted six pack gives you more than just the chance to show off to your other fitness-minded friends. Having a strong set of abdominal muscles is connected to a wide range of health and wellness issues. Once you've explored the benefits of improving your abdominal strength and endurance, talk to your doctor before starting a new ab exercise routine in the gym. The best ab workout for you varies depending on pre-existing conditions, such as neck pain.

Banish Back Pain

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that approximately 31 million American adults currently suffer from pain in their lower back. While the causes can be many, including arthritis and old sports injuries, poor abdominal strength is often the cause or a contributing factor in the occurrence of pain and the severity of that pain. That's because your abs play a major role in supporting the spine. Your ab strength also affects the tilt of your pelvis; if it tilts too far forward or too far backward due to poor ab strength and endurance, too much pressure can be placed on your lower back. Thus, strengthening your abdominal muscles can help reduce existing lower-back pain and also may help to prevent back problems from happening in the first place.

Strike a Pose

Your abdominal muscles are one of the most important muscles used by your body to maintain proper posture. Having good posture isn't just about not slouching in your office chair. Healthy posture refers to your body being in proper alignment, both when you're moving and when you're standing, laying or sitting still. If you suffer from weak abs, your body's posture can suffer. Poor posture results in your body trying to compensate by putting more strain or stress on other bones, ligaments, muscles and tissues, which can result in a wide range of problems and injuries.

Maintain That Heavy Load All Day

During the day, you're constantly bending, twisting, stretching and reaching, often while carrying an object. Even when you're not carrying an object, your body must support your body weight. Good abdominal endurance means your abs can support you throughout your day, even when you're very active, without giving out. Once your abs give out due to poor endurance, other muscles kick in to try and stabilize you and compensate for your ab weakness, which can cause injuries.

Boost Your Abs and Metabolism

In 2012, ABC News estimated that 108 million Americans go on a diet every year -- with most dieters trying up to five dieting attempts every year. But maintaining a healthy weight isn't just about what you eat and don't eat. Improving your metabolism can help you burn calories even when you're not exercising, thus helping you to stay trim and healthy. While exercising your abdominal muscles burns calories directly, think longterm: as you exercise your abs, they get bigger and stronger. Muscle tissue burns more than twice the calories per day compared to fat tissue. Therefore, over time, bigger and stronger abs improves your metabolism and can help you achieve better overall health.