7 Ways to Naturally Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

Weight loss definitely brings about a huge difference in anyone’s life. It is definitely a moment worth celebrating. We are sure you are basking in the glory of fitting into your old clothes or going down a size for that perfect pair of jeans. However, it’s not that weight loss doesn’t come with side effects. Weight loss often leads to loose and saggy skin at various places and this can look really unflattering. Don’t start feeling disappointed because you lost that tightness of your skin because it can be got back easily if you pay heed to certain things. In this article, we will tell you about some of the most effective tips to tighten and tone your body after undergoing a considerable amount of weight loss.
However, you should remember that the effectiveness of the results of these tips will vary depending on the amount of weight you have lost, the period of time your skin was stretched out, and also your age. So, let’s get started with the tips!

Keep a tab on the amount of weight lost

You need to give your body and skin some time to get accustomed to the weight loss. Constant changes in weight don’t leave your skin with much of a window to adjust itself to your new size. Once you start maintaining an equilibrium state when it comes to your weight, the skin starts shrinking properly to your new size. Rapid and incessant weight loss with only make your skin continue to lose its elasticity.

Drink more water

Water is not only great for your overall health, it also tightens and smoothens your skin by making it more radiant. Drink at  least 6 glasses of water every day for it will keep your skin hydrated and add to its elasticity.

Keep your skin moisturised

Opt for a moisturiser that has vitamin E in it for it will keep your skin moist and at the same time allow new skin cells to grow. Proper moisturising will also help in minimising the appearance of wrinkles. You can also use coconut oil on your skin as it is a natural moisturiser that is loaded with antibacterial properties which helps in soothing your skin. So, remember to keep your skin moisturised come what may.

Avoid exposing your skin to the sun

Try to limit exposing your skin to the sun as much as possible as it tends to have a negative effect on your skin’s elasticity. So, for a while say ‘no’ to sun bathing and tanning beds for the sun rays can dry your skin out and damage the skin cells adversely. Swimming in chlorinated water can also have the same effects on your skin as that of sun. Indulging in these activities for a short span of time isn’t harmful; but make sure to apply a natural moisturiser to your skin that comes with vitamins and aloe vera.

Do belly toning exercises

There are high chances that you would have a considerable amount of stretched skin near your belly area. However, it’s pretty easy to tighten the skin around this area with a few exercises. Concentrate more on belly toning exercises like crunches, leg raises, bridges, side bends, air bikes, roll ups, pelvic thrusts, etc. Spend about 15 to 20 minutes of your day in these exercises and you will surely see a visible difference in your belly area.

Weight resistance training

Strength training exercises can really benefit you when it comes to tightening your skin as it strengthens the body by creating a layer of muscle underneath the skin. This makes your skin look tighter and toned. Do such exercises at least 3 times a week for most effective results.

Get massages

Everybody loves getting massages; after all nothing can be more rejuvenating than it, right? Just professional massages at least once a fortnight for they help in increasing blood circulation which is extremely good for the overall health of your skin. Along with this, you can also get massages with your favourite essential oils to relax your mind and body.

Stay patient

Just remember that nothing changes all of a sudden. If you took time to lose all that weight, then it’s understood that the side effects of it shall take time to go. Take care of all the remedies that we have mentioned and you are sure to get the tightness and elasticity of your skin back.

So, these were some of the effective remedies to get rid of that loose skin from your body. However, you should keep in mind that what works for one, might not work for you. Just give your body sometime and opt for a healthy lifestyle to get back that firm and toned look.