5 Tips on How to Know the Dangers of Mixing Fat Burners and Enhancers

Were there times when you have been guilty of mixing two or more nutritional supplements together? Have you felt some side effects in your body? Well, the same is true when mixing fat burners and enhancers. There are dangers and here are ways on how you can learn more about these fat burner side effects.

Tip #1: Know the purposes of these two supplements.

Fat burners are primarily made to address weight problems. On the other hand, body enhancers, or simply enhancers as they are called, are used so that you will have sufficient energy supply for your cells and muscles. These two seem to be safe supplements to use but can be harmful and cause palpitations, heart enlargement and failure or even stroke.

Tip #2: Establish fat burners and enhancers that cannot be mixed together.

While there are some that can be taken altogether, there are also those that can pose dangers when taken simultaneously. Basically, ephedrine and L-carnitine cannot be combined together since this can result to unhealthy heart beats. This will increase the development of heart risks as well. Other fat burners and enhancers that cannot be combined together are: ephedrine, yohimbe and caffeine; caffeine and creatine; ephedrine and pro-hormones; and yohimbine and L-carnitine.

Tip #3: Check for more information on fat burner side effects coinciding with enhancer risks.

It is not enough that you know that you cannot combine this fat burner with that enhancer. It is important that you make your researches on the matter to prove that the two do not go hand-in-hand.

Tip #4: Ask expert’s help when necessary.

Some of you may want to lose fat and enhance body muscles all at the same time. This is the reason behind why you invest on both fat burners and enhancers. There is actually nothing wrong with that as long as you make the right combination. If you think you cannot forego of one for the other (that is, you cannot forego of losing fat in favor of building muscles or vice versa), then it is high time you seek expert’s help. Doctors may recommend better combinations of these two supplements and will make sure they do work for you.

Tip #5 – Always be inquisitive.

It is not enough that the doctor says that one and the other do not go together. You have to know why the combination is not good. That way, you can ascertain the facts and make sure you are using them to your advantage. You may ask questions such as: “Why is creatine dangerous when taking caffeine or why yohimbine is not a good match with L-carnitine?” You may also ask questions such as what will happen in case you have already started taking both drugs together for some time now. Are there things you can resort to and avoid drastic effects?

These are ways by which you can learn more about the dangers of mixing fat burners and enhancers together. Always follow these instructions and you will never go wrong. If you want fat burners to work, you must avoid using some enhancers.