5 Most Effective Metabolic Tricks to Maximise Fat Burn

Weight loss isn’t an easy process; it takes time, effort and discipline. You need to stay motivated and keep telling yourself that you can do it. Because if you could gain those extra pounds, you can definitely work a little hard and lose the excess. First of all, remember that you have to work towards it. It cannot happen with you lying on your couch while munching away junk food. That’s just not possible. You will have to relook your food habits and your fitness regime. That’s because without a combination of these two, you cannot lose weight. The equation is simple – each day, you need to burn more fat than you consume. That’s it! If you do so, nothing can stop you from losing weight.
It’s always interesting to take things a notch higher and fire up the process of weight loss with a little bit of extra effort. You can easily do that by taking care of a few things. Don’t get intimidated because it is not as hard as you think. Most of us miss out on some of the crucial elements in our journey towards weight loss that can transform slow progress into fired up results. Just keep moving in the right direction and in this article, we will tell about some of the most amazing tricks to expedite the process of fat burn. So, let’s get started!

Time Your Carbohydrate Intake

It would be absolutely bizarre and impractical if someone asks you to completely cut down on your pasta, bread or other carbs to reduce weight. What you need to do you create a cycle for your carbs, in other words, you need to time your carb intake in a more efficient manner. The basic rule behind carb cycling is to boost your carb intake on the days you work out and cut it down on the days you don’t. This is a much better approach that completely discarding carbs for it helps you in maintaining a higher metabolic rate while bestowing you with glycogen that will help you in intensifying your workouts. Try to opt for complex and high-protein carbs like beans, quinoa, and other vegetables.

High Intensity Interval Training

Accelerate weight loss by opting for high intensity interval training. The idea here is to skip steady-state cardio and work out for short intervals by interspersing it with recovery breaks. This kind of workout soars your metabolism level and will help you burn calories exponentially even hours after you are done with your workout session. That’s totally amazing, right? So, replace your daily cardio session with high intensity interval training (HIIT) program.

Have a Balanced and Wholesome Breakfast

Never miss your breakfast at any cost, even if you are running late! According to several researchers, those who opt for a hearty breakfast can control their appetite and food intake more easily that those who skip their breakfast. Having a balanced breakfast is also directly related to consuming fewer calories as the day progresses. This means, you are increasing your chances of losing more weight. This might seem to be an age-old advice, but trust us because it always works!

Move Around Once an Hour

Nothing is worse than a sedentary lifestyle as it is the root cause for weight gain and several other diseases. Long duration of sitting can bring anybody’s metabolism level to a complete halt. Thus, it’s important to consciously make an effort to break the cycle. All that you need to do is, get up and move around once every hour. If you think doing this religious might be difficult, just put an alarm on your phone as a reminded. Just a five-minute walk can do wonders in breaking the unhealthy cycle of extended sitting.

Sleep for 7 to 8 Hours

Sleep deprivation not only makes your body suffer from low energy, it also slows down your metabolism level and insulin sensitivity. Lack of sleep also makes your body stressed – all these factors will alienate you from your weight loss goal. Not only this, according to a study, those who sleep for about 7 hours per night have a mortality rate lower than those who sleep less or more than that.

So, these were some of the brilliant tricks to take your metabolism level a notch higher and in turn help you with the process of fat burn. Incorporate these small changes in your daily routine and see how your body changes for the better.