3 Convenient Steps To Be Followed To Lose Weight Even Without Rigorous Exercise

Weight loss involves a few changes in the lifestyle. There are many ways to lose weight in a short period of time but most of them demand great sacrifices and starvation. It may be stressful, which none of us want. We all have thought that the only way to lose weight is through exercise, and more importantly eating less. But, just diet and exercise are not enough for a positive result. And despite what we might think, slipping on walking shoes for daily sweat sessions alone is not enough to combat slow slide towards sickness. This article is just made for you to dramatically ease the process of weight loss.

Losing weight without exercise

Dozens of different diets focus on one thing but mostly ignore the fact that your new way of eating must become a permanent habit of a lifetime .If the diet is too strict, and you are constantly hungry, the diet will not be a permanent habit, because no one in the world has such a steely will to suffer for a lifetime. In a month you will lose a few pounds, but then you will return to old habits and regain the old weight. But there are some steps you need to follow, through which you will experience 3 benefits and they are reduction in your appetite, lose weight without starvation and improve your health at the same time.

Step 1: Eliminate simple carbohydrates and sugar

Sugar and carbohydrates are not “poison” or “white death” ad some portals state, but are one of the biggest causes of weight gain. Small amounts of these foods will not hurt you, but greater amounts will. The group of sugar and simple carbohydrates (starch) contains foods that are difficult to control and that people are eating in large quantities: pastries, packaged sweets, white bread, rolls, donuts, pasta, cereal, sweet and soft drinks, potato chips, crackers.

They are harmful since they are poorly saturated because they contain almost no fiber or other useful substances. They are very poor in vitamins and rich in calories and cause spikes in blood sugar, excessive secretion of insulin and can lead to impaired effectiveness of insulin. And most dangerously, the food full of sugar is addictive. Eliminating sugar and starches from your diet will reduce insulin levels, reduce your appetite and help you lose weight without starving. More saturated foods will replace sugar with significantly fewer calories.

Step 2: Rely on natural foods

Protein is the macronutrient that most contributes to the feeling of satiety and therefore the friend of every person who wants to lose weight. Proteins have also been shown to reduce appetite. From low-fat vegetables, the recommended ones are: broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, Brussels cabbage, chard, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, celery.

Eat protein and fresh natural foods like fruits and vegetables. Each meal should have a source of protein and at least one fresh fruit or even better, vegetables. Many nutritionists do not recommend fruit for the sugar it contains but it does not make sense for several reasons. The first is that people eat fruit since the days of early man. It is an integral and natural part of our diet for millions of years.

Another reason is that fruit contains many vitamins, minerals and other irreplaceable substances, and the third reason is that fruit contains a lot of fiber and is therefore much more saturated than some artificial sugary foods.

The amount of calories the fruits have is also less. Like 1 Peach = 60 calories. It is advisable to avoid dried fruits because they contain much more sugar and less fiber. From the fresh fruits, the best choices are plums, peaches, oranges, apples or strawberries. The point is that the fruits fill your stomach with very few calories. Vegetables are even better in this respect because they bring even more satiety. From sources of protein, it is recommended to consume beef, chicken, fish, seafood and eggs.

Step 3: Workout 3 times a week

This weight loss plan does not force you to exercise, but it is desirable. If you do not have the will to go to the gym and lift weights, then at least cycle or walk whenever you can. Walk to the store, to school / college, to job, if you are not too far away. If you make a habit of walking, you will burn at least 200-300 calories a day, but do not worry about it at all. The most practical way is to have one weekend day off. On this day, eat ice cream, candy or whatever your heart desires, but it must be just one day. In the rest of the week, these foods are again your enemy. If you can do it without this day, that is, to completely remove this food from your life, that would be even better.

If you follow this plan with discipline, you can lose 2 to 4 pounds a week depending on how much you weigh. As you approach the ideal weight, it is more difficult to pull off those last pounds. In addition to these steps you can follow additional weight loss tips like drinking plenty of water, using smaller plates, sleeping well and also reduce your stress. These not only help you lose weight but also keep you in a good health with a clean heart. Just do not miss out to incorporate these 3 easy steps in your lifestyle to see the change.