Lose Belly Fat Fast With A Natural Drink

With summer at our doorstep, it is time fair to ask “how to lose belly fat fast?” in order to look more attractive during the summer. With many fresh fruits at hand there is a great possibility to make different shakes and drinks that help in reducing the overall body fat. There are many different answers on how to lose belly fat fast. However, there isn’t a hard and a fast rule on that, but certainly a combination of proper food, exercise and stress-free life is the key.

In addition to the before mentioned factors, there are natural cures that have proven to be effective. Here is a drink that gives and answer to the question “how to lose belly fat?”. We present you a natural drink that melts belly fat in only a few days.

This beverage has proven to be very effective in reducing belly fat that has accumulated in the body, and maintains an ideal balance of nutrients crucial for your body as well. You will not regret drinking this elixir which takes away fat only in a couple of days. The following are the ingredients you need, all of which are easily obtainable.

Here is how to lose belly fat!


– Ice

– 1 tangerine

– 1 grapefruit

– 20 peppermint leaves

– ½ cucumber

– 58 ounces (1.7 l) of filtered water

How to prepare and consume:

Slice all ingredients in small pieces and put them in a glass jug. Leave the concoction like that throughout the night and you can consume it throughout the day.

Info about the ingredients:

The peppermint leaves stimulate and at the same time calm the digestive system and, in addition, produce a refreshing aroma and taste.

The grapefruit, stimulates the metabolism thus contributes to burning fat faster.

The cucumber regulates swelling and bloating and maintains digestion.

Besides being full of vitamin C, tangerines are full of fiber that prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the stomach.

Without a doubt, water is the healthiest drink for everybody. Nevertheless, an extremely small number of people drink adequate quantities of water which causes dehydration of the body. As it is suggested in the Harvard School of Public Health report, water represents the drink that provides the utmost benefit for the body, helping it suffice the needed liquid levels.

Such a drink will give you a fresh start for the upcoming summer, aiding you to maintain more likeable looks and more handsome body.

So, here is a way of how to lose belly fat. We hope you enjoy it, and get satisfying results!