How to Tone Buttocks, Hips and Thighs with 5 Exercises to Try

There are some particular types of exercises that can help provide quality as well as boost your lower body such as the buttocks, hips and thighs. Just perform these exercises on a regular basis and correctly to help you solve the problem on these particular parts of your body. Here is how you can tone buttocks hips and thighs while burning lower body fat.

Tip #1: Try leg lifts.

This kind of exercise is useful in strengthening both your internal and external thighs. A raised leg lift can as well go to work on your extra body parts. If you are going to incorporate weights for this particular type of exercise, your upper body will also gain advantage.

Tip #2: Try chair squats.

These are excellent workouts which can help tone your buttocks and the region of your thighs as well. These types of exercises are not only excellent in strengthening as well as toning the lower part of your body but are useful in making your knees and hips more physically powerful and elastic. Chair squats are simple to perform. You just have to put a chair behind you then keep your body parallel and do the squats for several counts. As you perform the repetitions, make sure to squeeze your muscles on the way up. The other way of doing a squat is to stand at the back of the chair and exercise utilizing the chair to support you. Perform this type of exercise not less than four to five times every week to see the most excellent results.

Tip #3: Try calf lifts.

These forms of workouts are useful in strengthening your calf muscles and at the same time in providing a more distinct appearance to your thighs. You can do this by standing up in a straight line while your legs span at a distance then lift your heels off the ground approximately two inches and after that you can put down your heels back to the ground. Do the repetitions for at least 8-10 counts. If you want to include resistance to the workout, incorporate weights.

Tip #4: Try lunges.

These are forms of workouts that can help tone your hips, thighs and buttocks. They contain the ability to work out lots of muscles simultaneously and are exceptional for harmonizing sections of your body. You can perform these by standing together with your feet hip-width at a distance. Move one leg frontward, away from you then squat in this position for a while. Place your back in a straight line and your abs taut. Drag the leg backside and perform similar workout with your other leg. The type of lunges that works out your hip and calf muscles are known as front lunges while the lunges that work on your thigh as well as buttocks muscles are known as reverse lunges.

Tip #5: Try step-ups.

These are other types of exercises that are considered excellent for toning your hips, thighs, and buttocks. They are simple to perform. Just perform alternate step-ups of your feet on a chair, sets of books, cement blocks or everything that are elevated.

There are five exercises to perform when you want to burn lower body fat specifically your buttocks, hips and thighs. You can use all exercises alternately during the week.