How to Remove Fat Cells – 4 Tips to Get Away from Fat Cells

According to Medline Plus fat cells can be removed through liposuction procedure. This can remove excess fats in areas such as the chin, arms, stomach, buttocks and hips so as to improve their appearance. However liposuction is considered as a serious medical procedure because of its complications. It is necessary then to understand well the procedure as well as the recovery process to help the patient decide about how to remove fat cells. - See mo

Tip # 1: Learn About Fat Cell Removal

To begin with liposuction, the patient is first sedated or is treated with general anesthesia. The liposuction procedure takes 1 ½ hour to 4 hours depending on how much fats are to be removed. The surgeon will make a small incision in the area where fat cells are to be removed. He will usually make the incision in a hidden area like the belly button or skin creases then a rod is placed into the incision which serves as the funnel. The doctor uses a suction-like force to take out the fat cells.

Tip # 2: Take Note of Recovery from the Procedure

Mayo Clinic says that the patient can go home that same day after the procedure is done. However discomfort may be felt and the doctor prescribes medication to control the pain after the surgery. There is also swelling in the affected area which can last until four months and bruising can also be present in the procedure area and may lasts for a few weeks. Visible results of the fat cell removal are observed in about 4 months.

Tip #3: Heed the Advice of Experts

Medline Plus advises the patient who undergoes liposuction procedure to eat a healthy diet. She should also incorporate physical activity in her routine so as to help make the result of liposuction permanent.

Tip # 4: Know the Risks

Although liposuction procedure is effective, it has also some risks which include infection and uneven contouring of the body. There is also sagging of the skin and blood accumulation under the skin which disappears in due time. According to Mayo Clinic, electrolytes imbalances can cause a shock but this condition is rare.

Tip # 5: Inquire about Non-invasive liposuction

This procedure is best recommended for patients who have phobias of the complication of a traditional liposuction procedure. There are different types of non-invasive liposuction procedures being used in the medical world that are safe and effective. However, it is necessary for the patient to know well the liposuction pricing, the actual procedure, recovery and effectiveness of each type. She should also consult a doctor with regards to an alternative to traditional liposuction.

Tip #6: Learn about Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure for treatment of pain and skin disorders which is well known in North America for cellulite removal. The procedure involves the use of short needles to deliver a special chemical solution into the affected areas and allow the body to break down and expel fats. What makes this procedure popular is its fast results and recovery time.

Tip #7: Inquire about Thermage

Thermage is the most used non-invasive alternative. This procedure makes use of radio frequency waves that passes through the body to stimulate collagen growth and renewal. Although it does not totally cause the body to shed fat, it may smooth and tone cellulite appearance and tighten trouble spots. Thermage is approved by FDA and this procedure is a great alternative for patients with minor cosmetic conditions.
These are important tips to take note of if you intend to burn fat cells the right way. Add to invasive and non-invasive procedures, you may also indulge in other tips for burning fat cells.