How to Measure Body Fat Percentage Using the Wrist

If you desire to acquire a strong body style, it is important that you should be concerned with your body fat percentage. Even if you just want to attain weight deficit or preserve your present weight, it will be extremely useful if you have a guide wherein you can gauge your development. You have to consider lots of aspects if you want to measure your body fat percentage. One of the factors that you should consider is measuring the circumference of your wrist, waist, hip, arm and your weight. Learning to measure body fat percentage using the wrist is considered a moderately challenging job but the tips below will help you achieve results.

Tip #1: Prepare the tools needed for measuring.

You should be able to prepare the tools required for measuring body fat percentage like scale, pencil, paper, tape measure, and calculator. Then start your job by weighing yourself on a weighing machine then take down your weight on the paper you had prepared.

Tip #3: Gauge your wrist.

Do this using the part next to its thinnest spot by means of utilizing a tape measure. Jot down the digit in inches on the paper. It is important that you write down the figure for later calculations.
Tip #4: Determine the size of your hips, forearms, and waist.
Jot down the figures on a piece of paper as well. The circumference of your hips and forearms must be determined at their thickest spot.

Tip #5: Get results.

For result 1, you can do this. By means of a calculator, try to multiply your weight by 0.732 then add 8.987 to the earlier mentioned figure. Jot down each of the succeeding outcomes on a piece of paper. For results 2 to 5, you should divide up the size of the wrist by 3.14; multiply 0.157 to your waist measurement; multiply 0.249 to the perimeter of your hips; and multiply your forearm size by 0.434.

Tip #6: Combine the outcome of result 1 and 2.

The figure from result 1 and 2 will be the outcome of result 6; you can then subtract the outcome of result 3 from result 6 and the outcome will be result 7. Subtract the outcome of result 4 from result 7 to acquire result 8. Combine the outcomes of result 8 and 5 and jot down the figure. The figure that will come out will be the measurement of your lean body mass. When you had already obtained the measurement of your lean body mass, subtract it from your overall weight then multiply the outcome by 100. Divide the figure by your body weight to obtain the measurement of your body fat percentage.

The aforementioned tips are the most applicable ways of taking body fat measurements using the wrist. If you find it difficult to measure the circumference of the body parts involved, you can ask the assistance of your friend, or member of the family so that you will be able to get the precise measurement.